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The best way for you to keep up-to-date on the construction of AiG’s Bible-proclaiming Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center near Cincinnati, Ohio USA is to visit this Web site often. From time to time, either click on the icon “Creation Museum” on our AiG home page or type in

Because of recent museum developments, we found that it was time to overhaul and update the museum portion of this Web site. For example, you can now view Dr D. James Kennedy, pastor of the influential Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Florida, share his thoughts about the importance of the future museum in the video section. Dr Kennedy is the honorary chairperson for the museum project. Ken Ham of AiG also shares his vision for the museum in this section.

In addition, you can now view new pictures of future museum exhibits, architect’s drawings, and other related museum pictures.

As you visit the updated museum site, please also note the section entitled “Gifts in Kind” under “You can help too!”. US readers–wherever they live–are informed here about how they might be able to help AiG build the complex by directing us to people in construction-related trades, Christians who might consider donating a part of their construction services to the project. In this way, the museum complex could be built for much under $14 million in cash.

Take a few moments to find out more about the exciting Bible-upholding and evangelistic museum.


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