Museum testimonies!


So many AiG supporters are commenting positively about the future Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA that you'd think it was already open!

Actually, it will be at least a year and a half before this large complex, which will feature first-class exhibits, will be open-yet excitement is already building throughout the United States and even the world (some international supporters have told us that they intend to fly to America for the museum's grand opening!).

As land preparation continues, construction documents are prepared, and exhibits are designed (stay up-to-date on the progress by going to our Museum news page), AiG receives numerous letters and e-mails from supporters who anxiously await the opportunity to take a 'walk through Biblical history' in the future museum. Here is just a sampling:

Watch and listen to Dr James Kennedy of the influential TV and radio ministry of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Florida share his excitement about this future apologetics center. (See box at right)

'Thank you so much for your efforts, ministry, and astounding offensive moves against evolution. I am a ninth grade student attending a secular school, and I have been bombarded with evolutionary lies for quite some time now. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the positive influence that you have had on me. I can't wait to visit the museum when it is finished!'
- E.A., Michigan

'Let's get that museum built! Thank you, Lord, for the AiG ministry. You are a great encouragement to my Christian walk.'
- A.A., Saugus, California

Listen and watch a comment from an AiG supporter who recently visited our current headquarters.

'We receive exciting communiqués from you regarding the museum. Each time, the Lord [has led] me to send $300. I pray the Lord will bless it and multiply it. God bless you, Ken, and all of your staff everywhere.'
- J.M., Santa Rosa, CA

'We discontinued membership at our local (evolutionary) museum of natural history and are sending the money to you to proclaim the truth about Earth's history to the glory of God.'
- P.B., West Mifflin, PA

To help us build this facility (we are not taking out a mortgage, but will be relying on gifts from supporters), you can click here to choose your preferred means of financial support of this Bible-honoring and God-glorifying family center.


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