Ministry Officials Meet with 7 Architectural Firms!


On April 13 and 14, AiG officials held face-to-face meetings with numerous architectural firms in the greater Cincinnati area.

Ken Ham, executive director of AiG, and Michael Zovath, general manager, interviewed prospective architects in an effort to identify the final design team that will begin formalizing the construction documents for AiG’s Creation Museum and new headquarters complex. The project will total about 95,000 square feet on 47 acres of scenic property located just a few miles west of the Cincinnati Airport.

To date, AiG has met with seven architectural firms in the region (and has had phone discussions with many others). AiG has already received a number of very positive responses from the interviewed architects about their possible participation in designing the museum/headquarters (and on a number of different levels).

Other building professionals are being interviewed for the design and construction team (e.g., general contractors, engineers, consultants, etc.). The target date to begin construction is March 15, 2001.

The Creation Museum will proclaim the accuracy and authority of the Bible from its very first verse—including the gospel message—as it presents a “walk-through-history” of the world from Genesis to Revelation (and it will be evolution-free!). For a further description of the exciting museum project—including photos of the land and exhibits—visit our Creation Museum section.

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