The Creation Museum, the Media, and Science

on June 1, 2007
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I came across an article on the internet that said they are actually petitioning against the Museum opening. Ridiculous! All 3 of my children were taught Creation Science as youngsters and attended several ICR conferences when Ken worked for them. My Son actually attended Christian Heritage College for one year before attending a secular college. They have all graduated from College now without any issues as Creation Science believing students. I would be glad to testify to that fact in order to fight for the right to believe in Creation!!

—S.C., U.S.

Thank you for your support and your testimony. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from people all over the world concerning the opening of the Creation Museum, including numerous scientists, professors, teachers, and parents (expect to see a new site feature soon that documents the tremendous support we’ve seen from the scientific community).

The AiG and Creation Museum staff, many of whom hold college degrees—some advanced—from both Christian and secular universities, are puzzled by the “anti-science” claims from the secular world (especially considering the numerous iPods, Treos, and tablet PCs floating around our offices), as we are certainly committed to promoting scientific research from a biblical perspective.

From reading news articles and the opinions of the skeptics, I think that one of the most persuasive features in your museum will be Noah's big ark. Most people have no idea how large it really was. They will see for themselves that the dinosaurs would have easily fit on it. (A lot of the comments were related to dinosaurs.)

The skeptics generally think that creationism is ridiculous, thoughtless, and unscientific. Many of those skeptics will probably have their own criticisms of this museum and of its beliefs falling back on their own heads.

I am very pleased to have read Edwin Kagin of American Atheists endorse the museum, so to speak, by suggesting to other non-believers to go ahead and buy a ticket just so that they will know what is inside the museum! This museum will probably be the best publicity that creation science has had, introducing many for the first time to the actual possibility of the literal 6 day creation. The grand opening should be very exciting. May God bless!

—B.C., U.S.

You’re right. Every time that a secular group has tried to derail what God is doing here, the result has been better than we could have imagined. Because of these attacks several years ago, we were able to build a bigger museum in a better location, and all the protests and petitions have led to unprecedented media coverage.

PRAISE GOD! This morning on Fox news I found out my prayers have been answered. For over 30 yrs I have attended a large church in Ithaca NY. Cornell University is here, and the church has many members in the science field who hold PHD's. I [no] longer am comfortable going there. Like many churches, they refuse to take a stand on the issue of the Biblical account of Creation. Many of these men consider themselves believers. They claim they believe in the Bible as the inspired Word of God. But. There's always a 'but' in 'The Beginning'. I have been told "it would be a mistake to teach your children that God created the world in six days, because when they are older they will learn the truth, (?) that the earth is _millions of years old and then they will lose their faith" This man is a deacon. Most of them feel that Moses was using a'story', that God did create the earth, but they blend science with the scriptures. Moses was never vague. This is Blasphemy! Thanks for Truth

—L.M., U.S.

Praise God that you are standing strong on the solid foundation of God’s Word in the face of all those who compromise the Bible with man’s fallible ideas. Sadly, children “lose their faith” because they are taught that it is okay to pick and choose which parts of the Bible are literal and which are not. Sadly, those holding advanced degrees there have thus “learned” to not trust the Word of God. But there are many Ph.D.’s who still do.

I am writing to say how proud I am that you have made the Creation Museum. I knew nothing about it but I happened to see it by accident on-line on the ABC news web site. (Which I never look at.) I want you to know that there are a huge many of us that believe that God created the world in a literal 6 days. Continue to fine tune your museum and your presentations and don't let the main stream media and the screwball activists get a foot hold. They spew lies and despise the truth. That is why you are drawing controversy towards yourselves. Keep up the GOOD work! It is truly pleasing in the eyes of our LORD.

—F.C., U.S.

Thank you for your encouraging words. We definitely want to please the Lord in everything we do. We don’t mind the controversy so much, as long as that means that hundreds of thousands of visitors each year will see that Charlie’s paradigm is not as “incontrovertible” as they’ve been taught.

I'd just like to comment on Ken being on the Alan Colmes radio show, I didn't know how else to comment, since I couldn't get through to the show. I think Ken did an excellent job, when they actually did let him talk. I listened to it as if I were an unbeliever, and I have to say Eugenie Scott didn't say anything interesting or convincing, all she could do is attack Ken in my opinion. I knew she didn't have anything worth saying when Ken asked her for an example and all she could do is complain about being interrupted. It's really discouraging to hear her and the host and the callers to the show, the hardness of man's hearts today. But at the same time, it strengthens my faith in the fact that they are doing exactly as what was written about them in the Bible said they would do. Thank you, AIG for all you do. I hope at least some people heard enough of Ken to realize the unrewarding, dead end road humanism has to offer. May God continue to richly bless your ministry!

—C.H., U.S.

Thank you for your show of support. As you can see above, Ken Ham’s interviews have certainly had a very positive impact (and there are many more that we could publish). Unfortunately, a few of the media spots ended up being chances for those who disagree to vent their animosity—without a chance for rebuttal. In spite of this, we have been amazed by how God has used the media coverage, even those that were meant to mock, to reach so many people and to give them answers.

We would love to hear your story of how AiG and the Creation Museum have had an impact on you. Please send us your comments.


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