Museum Media Mania

on March 30, 2007

It’s almost a daily occurrence at the Creation Museum now: a visit and interview by a reporter with the secular media. This not only includes correspondents in our Tri-state area (Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana), but also internationally. The BBC in the UK, for example, is planning to send out a fifth reporter in the next few days (for a fifth different BBC story on the museum). On Thursday, it was the major newspaper the Cincinnati Enquirer, and the Christian radio station WCVX in Cincinnati.

In recent weeks, our Cincinnati-area media have done a thorough and balanced job in presenting progress reports on the museum as it prepares to open on Memorial Day, May 28. For example, click here (and search the video clips for "creation museum") to watch WKRC Channel 12’s recent news report, done live here at the site.

Also, the website featured a 2-minute video report of the museum. Go to: and click on ‘Creation Museum’ under the heading ‘Video: Local News.’

Soon, we’ll let you know when AiG and the museum will be profiled on the CNN program ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ (probably to air next week). A CNN crew recently spent 24 hours in our Cincinnati metropolitan area, not only conducting interviews at the museum, but also recording Ken Ham speaking o Genesis at a home-school conference in Cincinnati. Check our website over the next few days for details on that CNN program.

We praise God for the tremendous media coverage we are already receiving (see ‘Media swamps AiG’) for a museum that is still about eight weeks away from its opening.


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