Magazine’s Museum Praise

by Mark Looy on January 7, 2008

A recent weekend supplement of Australia’s leading newspaper featured a balanced piece on the Creation Museum.

Australia’s most prominent newspaper is called The Australian. Its magazine supplement (called The Weekend Australian) for the weekend of November 17–18 had a long article that highlighted our Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio, and the fact that the visionary behind it, Ken Ham, is an Australian.

The Australian has not made it possible for you read the piece online, so we will highlight here some of the flattering things that were written about the museum. While there were some things we would question in the long article, on balance, we were happy with it. Excerpts (retaining the Australian/British spellings):

  • The Creation Museum “is about the slickest museum you are ever likely to visit. It has an interactive cinema that tells the creation story according to Genesis, with wind gusts, vibrating seats and squirts of water.”
  • “Its animatronics are worthy of a world-class theme park. In fact, its principal designer also helped build exhibits for Universal Studios [theme park] in Florida.”
  • “There is no shortage of visitors: when I visit, a big queue has formed an hour before the posted opening time of 10am. . . . Judging by the variety of licence plates in the car park [parking lot], they have come from all across the country.”
  • “But almost as impressive is how they have recruited so many credentialed scientists to support the endeavour, including Dr. David Menton, who taught medical biology at the prestigious George Washington University [School of Medicine] in St. Louis for 34 years.”

Our experience has shown that the Australian media (and the British media even more so) can be quite mocking in their reporting of AiG and the museum. We are grateful, though, that this reporter obviously spent a lot of time here at the museum and understands our message—and thus reported about a controversial topic (creation vs. evolution) in a manner we wish all Australian and British press would emulate.


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