Local Museum Partnership Ends

on December 6, 2008

Cincinnati Enquirer / Kentucky Enquirer: “Creation Museum Deal Ends” The Creation Museum is once again the center of an evolutionist-hatched controversy concerning local area tourism promotions.

Last week, the Cincinnati Zoo and our own Creation Museum (about 25 miles from each other) launched a deal to co-promote the venues’ holiday celebrations via a discount combo ticket. Billed as “Two Great Attractions, One Great Deal,” the promotion was similar to those the zoo offered with other area attractions, and specifically promoted the zoo’s nationally known Festival of Lights along with the museum’s live nativity, Bethlehem’s Blessings.

Critics argued that the semi-publicly funded zoo should not partner with a religious institution.

Two-and-a-half days later, the deal was scrapped after the zoo received nationwide criticism for partnering with the museum. Critics argued that the semi-publicly funded zoo should not partner with a religious institution—especially not one promoting a literal book of Genesis.

The Enquirer quotes Cincinnati radiologist James Leach, one of the protesters. “They seem like diametrically opposed institutions. The Cincinnati Zoo is one of this city’s treasures. The Creation Museum is an international laughingstock.”

A zoo spokesperson clarified that the intent of the discount was not to “endorse” the museum; nonetheless, the deal was considered “distracting” and canceled.

Enquirer columnist Peter Bronson writes—in an opinion piece defending the promotion—“I suppose next they will try to ban Santa Claus because all that stuff about reindeer pulling his sleigh pulled across the sky has not been peer-reviewed in a scientific journal.” Of course, we don’t equate creation with Santa Claus (and there are several peer-reviewed scientific journals for young-earth creationism, such as our Answers Research Journal); still, Bronson is right in pointing out evolutionists’ double standards. After all, the zoo website also mentions the Easter bunny.

Meanwhile, one commenter on the Enquirer article asked why the supposed “pro-science” crowd hasn’t demanded the zoo remove its own holiday displays.

To read our full response to the incident, visit Expelled from the Zoo.

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