Zoo/Creation Museum Controversy Continues

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For those who didn’t read yesterday’s blog, I encourage you to do so to get the background on a controversy surrounding the Cincinnati Zoo and the Creation Museum. AiG’s promotions director, Jason Goff, had worked out a combination discounted ticket for the Cincinnati Zoo and Creation Museum (about a 35-minute drive from each other) for people to attend the respective well-done Christmas programs at each place.

An atheist (a professor from the University of Minnesota–Morris) rallied his group of intolerant friends to blast the zoo with emails. The zoo decided to drop the combo ticket relationship after just over 48 hours. The secularists also contacted the media—and this thrust the situation into the news.

As a result of this:

  1. The controversy was front-page news in both the two local major newspapers—the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Kentucky Enquirer.
  2. An Associated Press article appeared in various newspapers across the nation.
  3. I did an interview on the Associated Press news radio.
  4. Various websites (Christian and secular) wrote articles on the controversy.
  5. AiG sent out a news release across the nation as a result of a plethora of media inquiries we received.
  6. Yesterday afternoon (at 2:00 p.m.), I was interviewed by Bill Cunningham on Cincinnati’s powerful news talk radio station WLW (which is heard across the nation–at night, 30 plus states can get its signal). WLW featured this story most of the afternoon and into the evening. Bill Cunningham was highly critical of those intolerant of the Christian position. Bill doesn’t agree with everything we teach at the Creation Museum, but he is adamant about being tolerant of others and their differing positions. He stands up for freedom of speech and freedom of religion. You can listen to Tuesday’s program on their website (site/program may contain some offensive material).
  7. I have more interviews on radio etc. on this controversy lined up for tomorrow and the rest of the week.
  8. The news website NKY.com (http://nky.cincinnati.com/) ran an online poll on the controversy. They gave the following options:
YES—The museum promotes a religious point of view that conflicts with the zoo’s scientific mission.
NO—The promotion does not mean that the zoo endorses the museum or that the museum endorses the zoo.
As of last night, 86% voted “NO—The promotion does not mean that the zoo endorses the museum or that the museum endorses the zoo.” I know this is not a statistically valid poll, but I think it does show, as we have seen many times before, that most people are not intolerant. Sadly, it is an intolerant minority that can intimidate people to give in on matters they should take a stand on.

Also, a medical doctor (Dr. Leach) wrote a scathing attack on the Creation Museum because of the zoo combo ticket deal—calling us “an international laughingstock.” One of our supporters wrote to him and sent us a copy of their well-written letter:

As I read your website this morning, I saw that your credentials are quite impressive. However, your facts are quite wrong. An “international laughingstock” in your community of friends maybe but in our community “a well respected representation of a biblical viewpoint.”
I do not want to argue biblical viewpoints with you. However, the thought of reducing an inexpensive family Christmas activity based on your opinion to a debate over creation vs. evolution is very sad. I “tolerate” evolution on tv, in museums, at the zoo and many other places I have taken my children. Your “intolerance” of a biblical-based attraction is a picture of what true intolerance is. It was a “choice” for people to purchase those tickets or not. Just like I have a choice to take my kids to attractions that promote evolution.
Maybe you have the money to take your kids to many things but not all of us do. Every decision we all make impacts someone. You have impacted people you will never know.
There are numerous other media responses. Certainly, this has thrust the Creation Museum and its Christmas program into the news. I believe, as a result, this has really taken our Christmas promotion to a much higher level. We can certainly thank the intolerant atheists for this! These people have been ranting and raving on their websites about the issue—but as usual, using emotive, blasphemous, and vulgar language as they denigrate God, AiG, my name, etc.

What is very obvious from this is that those who caused this controversy are not just against AiG’s straightforward reading of the Bible, they mock Christianity; they mock the Bible; in fact, they often mock anyone who believes in God regardless of what position they take on Genesis. It is an intense intolerance (in fact, hatred of) anything that is Christian in any way.

As a result of this, AiG has decided to offer the same generous discount off the Creation Museum admission price that was to be had from the combo zoo/museum ticket for December 2–11 (except for December 6). See the Creation Museum website for details.

Also, if you haven’t already planned to, I urge you to attend AiG’s live nativity and “Road to Bethlehem” spectacular Christmas events, starting December 12. The outdoor live nativity and Road to Bethlehem are free. Also, the Creation Museum gardens will glow each night with a spectacular Christmas light display—the outside dinosaurs look phenomenal. You can obtain more information from the Creation Museum website.

Well, this made for a busy day, and there will no doubt be a busy week ahead.


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