Creation Museum to Be Profiled This Sunday Morning on Nationwide TV


AiG’s future Creation Museum will be prominently featured on the “CBS News Sunday Morning” TV program on Sunday, October 23, 2005.

(Check your local CBS-TV listings for the broadcast time in your area; also, visit the CBS website to verify the broadcast date since breaking news might preempt the program.)

Rita Braver of CBS News with AiG’s new animatronic raptor

CBS news reporter Rita Braver (a former White House correspondent for CBS during the Clinton administration) and a film crew visited AiG and its Creation Museum last week. Her story on the museum and the “evolution wars” around America will appear on the Charles Osgood-hosted program “CBS News Sunday Morning.” It will be the “cover story” for the 90-minute broadcast, and thus should be aired during the first 15 minutes of this award-winning news program.

Please note that the program date is subject to change if major news happens to break. Because this broadcast may be airing as you are planning to head off for church, consider taping it to watch later.

We are very thankful for the many recent opportunities to proclaim the creation/gospel message through secular media outlets, including a major recent article in the Washington Post (see Breaking News Items).


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