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Two major news items related to AiG occurred this weekend.


Answers in Genesis was featured in two substantial news reports recently.

Major US Paper Features Long Article on Creation Museum

AiG’s future Creation Museum was prominently featured in Sunday’s Washington Post (a newspaper considered to be America’s most influential, along with the New York Times). The long article (with a photo of the museum) was a generally balanced one and should catch the eye of many politicians, church leaders and media outlets across America, for which we are very grateful. Furthermore, through the Post’s wide syndication service, it is possible that the article will be picked up by many newspapers across the USA.

Post reporter Michael Powell flew to AiG in Northern Kentucky on Wednesday to spend a few hours with ministry leaders. He was clearly taken by the quality of the museum (scheduled to open in the early spring of 2007). His visit and background research led him to write that the creation movement (i.e., those who accept a literal Genesis) is growing “stronger by the year” in America. Mr. Powell also made brief mention of the Intelligent Design Movement (which is largely led by those who do not accept Genesis as written; many accept evolution but with a designer somehow involved).

To read the article, you must go to the Washington Post website (you may need to register to read the article) at this specific web address: In Evolution Debate, Creationists Are Breaking New Ground. After you read the article, please use the Post’s “email-this-article” to a friend function and forward the piece to your pastor, family members and friends so that they can find out more about this major Bible-upholding museum.

What a Relief

Although AiG is not a relief agency, when we discovered that friends in Ocean Springs, Mississippi had tremendous needs after a pounding by Hurricane Katrina (this Gulf Coast town near Biloxi was devastated), we had to call Pastor Mike Barnett at First Baptist Church of Ocean Springs to see what we could do to help. He gave us plenty of ideas.

To read a report from Channel 13 TV in Biloxi about the nine AiG staff who left northern Kentucky on Thursday morning with a large truck containing 24 pallets (packed high) of toiletry items, about 3,000 backpacks (filled with school supplies) for public school students who begin school this week and other relief supplies, go to:

On Sunday morning, physician Dr. Tommy Mitchell (AiG-USA’s newest speaker) spoke at Pastor Barnett’s church for a community-wide rally, where he gave a sermon on the topic of why a loving God allows tragedies like Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In the previous days, Dr. Mitchell provided medical assistance to residents, while other AiG staff were involved in demolition work and unloading and distributing thousands of much-needed supplies. Go to the Channel 13 website for more details.


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