“Missing Links” Golf Tournament/Auction Raises $35,000 for Creation Museum!


A charity golf tournament to benefit AiG’s Creation Museum—and an auction of sports memorabilia—netted over $35,000 on October 22–23 in Louisville, Kentucky (USA).

Professional golfer Ted Schulz, former winner of the Los Angeles Golf Open, hosted his second “Missing Links Golf Tournament” in Louisville, and banquet/auction to help raise funds for the future Creation Museum, which will be located 90 miles away in Northern Kentucky (near the Cincinnati airport).

The banquet and auction featured AiG’s Ken Ham, who shared with the 450 people in attendance at Southeast Christian Church that the book of Genesis is relevant to our modern-day society, and that the Church needs to understand how the Bible’s first book is so foundational to the Christian faith. Ken also showed the architect’s drawing of the 95,000 sq. ft. museum and headquarters complex. (Architectual drawings and concepts are also available on our Creation Museum website.) He said that the museum will not only be an outreach to people in the Midwest of America, but nationally and even internationally on the web (where visitors will be able to take a “virtual tour” of the museum when it is open in about two years).

The following day, over 90 golfers played 18 holes at a local golf course and received golf instruction/clinic by Ted Schulz.

AiG wishes to thank not only Ted Schulz, but Tom Read, Matt Taylor, and Pastor Bob Russell for their volunteer efforts in making the golf tournament and auction a wonderful success. Tentative plans are being made to host the third annual tourney and banquet in October of next year so that attention can continue to be drawn to the future Bible-proclaiming museum in the region.

If you are interested in organizing a charity golf tournament in your area to benefit AiG’s Creation Museum, please contact us.


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