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It was a wonderful, yes, exhilarating time of celebration as we fellowshipped with the 600-plus AiG supporters who gathered March 17 for the groundbreaking ceremony at the site of AiG’s future Creation Museum in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area (USA). I look back on the groundbreaking as one of the most thrilling times of my life. But two events which occurred immediately after experiencing the “high” of this historic ceremony in the battle for Biblical authority brought me quickly back to Earth, and showed the real nature of the struggle that AiG engages in virtually every day as we uphold the Bible from its very first verse.

It took only one minute after leaving the ceremony to bring me back to the anti-God world. On the expressway, a car pulled alongside the van I was driving–an AiG logo freshly applied on the van just the day before–when a passenger in the other vehicle, seeing the Answers in Genesis name, made an obscene gesture at me. I was stunned at first–the thrill of the wonderful ceremony was still so fresh, as well as the memory of the night before when I first drove the van with the new logo: a young student tapped on my window as my wife and I were about to leave a restaurant, and asked if I had any materials in the van that would help him witness to a friend who thought that dinosaurs somehow showed that the Bible could not be trusted (it just so happened that I had dozens of Ken Ham’s witnessing booklet “Dinosaurs and the Bible” inside the van, ready to pass out at the groundbreaking the next morning). I gave him a copy as well as other materials I had in the van, thinking that it was wonderful that this “billboard on wheels” was already ministering to people.

Common Jesus fish symbol found on many bumper stickers. Some have Greek letters (representing Christ) in the middle, as well.

Well, back to Saturday. After being on the receiving end of the obscene gesture, I exited the expressway a few minutes later and pulled up behind a car that, from a distance, appeared to be displaying the famous “Christian fish” symbol (representing Jesus Christ). As I drew nearer, my heart sank when I saw, instead, the increasingly popular Darwin “amphibian symbol” (a blasphemous mockery of the Christian fish symbol, one which displays evolved legs under the fish, as well as the name “Darwin”). I thought to myself: what ever would prompt a person to make such a statement as this? It carries no positive message of, for example, hope. What possible purpose could this bumper sticker serve other than to mock the Creator of the universe? A highly visible act of rebellion–in itself an obscene gesture to the Creator of the universe.

Its message: evolution has shown that the Christian faith and Jesus Christ Himself have been replaced by a new belief system, evolution. God is dead (or never existed)–long live Darwin! Rather than “popping the balloon” of euphoria that I experienced at groundbreaking, I was actually energized to have AiG work even harder to ensure that America’s Midwest would learn more about the future Creation Museum in its backyard–indeed, inform all of America and even also the world (via the Web)–that the Bible could be trusted, especially its Gospel message. It’s a positive message we have to share, in contrast to the negative messages that came from the two cars. God has sent His Word, the Bible, to tell us how to live a truly satisfying life–a God-glorifying life–and also sent the Word, Jesus Christ, to save us from our anti-God rebellion and its eternal consequences.

Please pray that the future Creation Museum will stand as a testimony to the authority of the Word of God in these skeptical, anti-Christian times, and that the life-changing Gospel message will penetrate the hard-hearted.

If you want to stand with AiG and offer a donation to our Bible-upholding museum project, please go to our donations page, select the U.S. branch and designate museum.


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