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A Cordial Invitation to Prison Fellowship/BreakPoint Ministries . . .

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We have been saddened recently by two rather negative commentaries posted on the Prison Fellowship/Breakpoint website concerning Answers in Genesis and, in particular, the strategy regarding our future Creation Museum.

We do not believe that a public forum like a website is the place to continue this discussion. Because we have promised AiG supporters a follow-up report to this series of sad events, we want to let them know how we now intend to proceed.

Accordingly, we are extending a cordial invitation to the leaders of PF/BreakPoint—headed by Mr. Chuck Colson, whom we know from mutual friends to be a gracious man who loves the Word of God—to visit Answers in Genesis in our Cincinnati-area offices. This can afford them the opportunity to learn more about our proposed museum, our integrity as a ministry, our commitment to good science, and our passion to proclaim biblical authority.

We love the same God and His Word. We would love to meet with PF leaders and discuss ways to further the cause of Christ.

Sincerely in Christ,

Ken Ham, executive director


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