Visit the Ark Encounter Site During June’s Mega Conference!

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Construction Viewing Area Closed

The observation area to view the Ark’s construction is now closed, but the park will be open to the public on July 7, 2016. Plan your visit to the life-size Noah’s Ark.

How many times in your life would you be able to:

  • watch a life-size Noah’s Ark under construction?
  • equip your family to be able to defend the Christian faith against the secular attacks of our day?
  • visit the popular Creation Museum?
  • enjoy great teaching and music?
  • have your children participate in AiG’s world-class VBS program Camp Kilimanjaro?
  • have the optional opportunity to attend technical sessions (at no extra charge!)?

All of these happen at one place in the world—and only in June!

AiG’s Answers Mega Conference is our major family event of the year—one of the main ministry highlights every year! Our theme for this year’s conference, June 24–26, is Answering the Skeptics. Not only will your family receive some great Bible teaching, but you’ll get to see the life-size Ark under construction about 20 miles away! Plus tour our popular Creation Museum nearby. What could possibly be a better vacation destination for your family this year?

As I often point out on this website, we live in an age when young people and adults are being told by the media, schools, and museums to question God and His Word. We are taught in most schools that there is no absolute truth. Yes, skeptics are on the rise in this nation. More than ever, Christians need to know how to defend the Christian faith against the secularists’ attacks. Most people in our churches (especially young people who attend public schools) are not equipped to answer the skeptics’ questions. Some of them, sadly, begin to doubt God’s Word, and it can lead to unbelief. We’re seeing this happen all around us as about two-thirds of our young people are leaving the church after they leave home (with few returning)—and many of them are leaving because of doubts that started in middle school!

We need to equip our young people especially to stand solidly on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning and provide them with answers to the questions they get from their friends, teachers, and professors. Skeptics are becoming increasingly aggressive in trying to destroy the faith of our young people. That’s why our Mega Conference has special sessions just for teens about dinosaurs, Noah’s Ark, and the Flood. Your teens will greatly benefit from these sessions that will teach them how to biblically address these challenging topics. In a day and age when students are bombarded with anti-God philosophies everywhere they turn, these teachings couldn’t be more timely for you or your whole family.

Answering the Skeptics is a unique, powerful conference and will feature AiG’s leading apologetics teachers. I will be there with them to help equip virtually all ages to contend for the faith.

Florence Baptist Church

The site of this year’s Mega Conference is the beautiful facilities of Florence Baptist Church—halfway between the Ark site and the Creation Museum. An ideal location!

And as a bonus this year, attendees will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the Ark Encounter site and see some of the behind-the-scenes construction activities of the full-size Ark we are building. Registered conference attendees can watch the Ark’s construction from our visitor cabin June 24–26.

Don’t miss out on this exciting conference opportunity for your family!

Following the family conference, we will hold optional technical sessions on Friday, June 27. Being held at the Creation Museum, this outstanding in-depth workshop, called the Answers Research Summit, is offered at no additional cost.

This year’s Mega conference is being held right here in Northern Kentucky at Florence Baptist Church, just 20 minutes from the Creation Museum and right off I-75 (just south of Cincinnati). Not only will your registration include admission to our world-class museum, but also a visit to the Ark site (also just 20 minutes from the conference facility).

Register this month and save 20% off the registration fee!

Join me and our AiG team June 24–26 (Tuesday–Thursday) and watch the Ark under construction! Yes, how many times in your lifetime can you see a Noah’s Ark being built?

Visit for complete details—including a list of discounted hotels in the area—and to fill out the registration form. Sign up your family today!


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