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Translations Ministry Update

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Some translations ministry feedback

El día de hoy, vino un hermano de mi Iglesia a solicitarme de esos folletos, pues él lo va a utilizar en el liceo donde El estudia, dándoselos a los compañeros y a Los profesores.

Dear AiG supporter,

I think I might have to start taking lessons in Spanish! I’m thrilled to receive letters and e-mail every day at the AiG office like the one above.

It was sent by a man from the Dominican Republic who received some of AiG’s booklets in Spanish. He was informing us that a friend of his asked for booklets to give to his fellow students and teachers at the high school where he studies.

Also, a missionary to Mexico wrote us recently:

We were really happy to be able to bring down good literature and audiotapes in Spanish provided by AiG. The material was well-received, and we are so excited. Evolutionary propaganda is a big influence down here.

Just a couple of the numerous examples of AiG’s translation ministry at work!

In this vital outreach, our goals are to:

  1. have our materials translated and made available to missionaries free of charge.
  2. offer the same materials to church and national mission boards at cost.

How do we disciple believers worldwide to trust the accuracy—and live under the authority—of God’s Word, when it is being constantly attacked by evolution-based bias? The entire world—in every language—needs AiG’s Biblically sound information. Recently, AiG

  • produced two sets of a Spanish radio program (“Respuestas”)
  • greatly expanded our Spanish-language Web site
  • laid out our third “Creation” magazine in Spanish (awaiting funding for printing)
  • distributed our Spanish-language newsletter “Respuestas” to 1400 Spanish-speaking people in 35 states and 27 countries
  • organized another ministry trip to Spain (in a few weeks).

Although our primary focus is Spanish, we also currently have 85 different projects underway in 17 new languages. Already, we have 48 books and booklets in print in 12 languages, and 18 waiting for funding to print.

Reluctantly, we have had to put a hold on translated materials that are ready to go to the printer. For example, our Answers book has already been translated into Czech, and I very much want to bring copies of it to the Czech Republic when I go there in May.

This month we are especially focusing on our translations ministry. At the same time, I ask you to consider all aspects of AiG’s “creation evangelism” outreaches (e.g. the Creation Museum) as we proclaim the authority and accuracy of God’s Word—from the very first verse.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Ken Ham

President, AiG–US

P.S. Your gift will help AiG increase its Bible-upholding outreaches, including providing funds to get 18 translation projects to the printer!


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