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We are on a “communications revolution” here at Answers in Genesis! The Lord has provided us with staff and equipment to enable us to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Dear friend,

When I was a little boy (seems like such a long time ago!), I remember watching a cartoon TV program called “The Jetsons.”

The family in this “Space Age” cartoon used video phones, robots, and other sophisticated technology in their daily lives. I was fascinated. But this was all just in the cartoon world, right?

As I sat down to write this to you, I received my latest issue of the New Scientist journal. The front-page headline read: “This way to the future—the wireless revolution is about to change your life.”

This issue contains over 30 pages discussing the fact that “we are on the threshold of a communications revolution.” As I read the article, it seemed that we had finally caught up with “The Jetsons”!

And we are on a “communications revolution” here at Answers in Genesis! The Lord has provided us with staff and equipment to enable us to be on the cutting edge of technology—to be on the crest of a wave so big, I don’t think any of us really understand what is about to happen.

The Lord has already given us the incredible opportunity to reach millions with the creation/gospel message right here at!

As we close the year 2000, we will have had over 2.5 million visitors come to this site during the year! And the number of visitors is growing rapidly.

In the top 1% worldwide!

We are now averaging close to 11,000 people (not “hits” but individuals) per day visiting our website from around the world. Out of 325 million registered websites (200,000 new sites are registered each day!), AiG has been rated by a secular company to be in the top 1% in the world! Exciting! Praise the Lord!

In what ways is this website reaching people? Here are just a few of the types of testimonies we have received.

Salvation: This is to let you know that I asked Christ into my heart after reading your article on the Internet. Thank you for such an easy site to understand. (USA)

Live webcast: Wow! That was fabulous. I was able to attend the conference right here in my [home]. Let’s do it again! (Sydney, Australia)

New Christian: Your Web page is great! . . . I am a new Christian. And formerly believed in evolution and all that other “hocus pocus” stuff. (USA) is also a very dynamic website. As you may have already realized, a new article or news item is put up on the front page each day. If something breaks in the news that is relevant to our ministry, we usually have an answer up within hours.

Let me also share with you some other exciting web happenings:

  • Last month we launched our new online “Creation Education Center” with the first in a series of powerful lessons for children on dinosaurs!

  • We are planning many more LIVE webcasts of faith-building talks. New satellite technology will allow us to go virtually anywhere and broadcast almost every program we conduct—worldwide!

  • Next month we will launch “Answers Radio”—featuring quality audio programs and music for you to enjoy every day right here on this site.

  • An updated Answers Bookstore is on the way—even more user friendly—and loaded with hundreds of family resources.

  • You’ll also be able to track the progress of the Creation Museum’s construction! And then take a “virtual tour” of it when it’s completed!

We do want to remain on the “cutting edge” so we can be as effective as we possibly can to reach people for Christ. As you support AiG, I ask that you also remember the website in prayer. What a wonderful tool for spreading the gospel!

Your gift of any size will help us maintain a worldwide Christian presence that counteracts the religion of evolutionary humanism and its evil fruits, and also restores the foundations of God’s Word and proclaims the gospel message with authority!

Yours sincerely in Christ,
Ken Ham
Executive Director, AiG–USA

P.S. Doesn’t the 1% figure encourage you? With your gift, we can continue to proclaim the creation/gospel message to our needy world!


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