The “Fire” Has Not Dimmed

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Back in 1974, I didn’t have answers to many questions concerning evolution and the supposed millions of years. They plagued my mind, even though my father had taught me well from the Bible.

During my final year of school in Australia, I came across a booklet from England that dealt with creation/evolution. Then I bought The Genesis Flood and devoured every page. I was so excited to finally have some answers-what a boost to my faith and my witnessing!

My wife Mally and I decided that we needed to start a bookshop outreach. We increased our mortgage to build a small room on the front of our house and imported materials. We didn’t have any money, but we ordered $20,000 worth of materials (a huge amount for us back then) and asked friends for financial help.

In my mind I can still see Mally and me sitting on our front porch talking about the fact we still needed $3,000 more to pay the bill. Just then a car pulled up and a man said he wanted to help with the books-and he handed us a check for $3,000!

As I began to speak around Australia, books/tapes became an integral part of our outreach-to equip people with answers to share with others. The “fire” in my bones about getting out materials has not dimmed.

We recently received a letter from a college student who organized a “Creation Week” on campus that reported:

“God blessed through your organization…. The campus was buzzing all week about the things going on. People were talking about the booklets in classes and at meals [and writing] editorials in our school newspaper.”

A missionary in Boston recently wrote: “AiG has helped our ministry, like no other. We witness on campuses such as Harvard, MIT and Boston University. … AiG is the best ministry to equip Christians to share the Gospel.”

And we regularly receive exciting testimonies like this: “I had a conversation with a lady…. She mentioned that her brother became a Christian through reading Creation magazine [that] his sister bought him.”

Isn’t that encouraging? Please pray that God will continue to powerfully use the Creation/Gospel message.

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