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Rather than fighting battles over biology textbooks in public schools, Answers in Genesis is challenging evolution from the ground up by sharing the truth.

Today we’re taking the unusual step of reprinting (with permission) an article from another source as our lead article. This is because the item, which we were thrilled to see appear in a US Christian news source, deals with such an important issue; it concerns our position on politics, textbooks, etc. in the “creation controversy”.

Creation Ministry Leader Fights Darwinian Fallacy With Facts

By Jim Brown
November 14, 2003

(AgapePress) - Rather than fighting battles over biology textbooks in public schools, one Christian ministry is challenging evolution from the ground up.

Despite opposition from scientists and religious groups, the Texas Board of Education recently gave approval to new biology textbooks that teach the theory of evolution as established fact. Opponents had argued that the books fail to provide a balanced presentation of the strengths and weaknesses of Darwin’s theory.

But Christian author and speaker Ken Ham says his Answers in Genesis ministry lets other people fight over biology textbooks. He says ministries like his do not get involved in political issues, but instead concentrate on disseminating information.

Ham believes that when Christians are given the truth about facts supporting the biblical account of Creation, they themselves will challenge the teaching of evolution. “Revolutions come from the people,” he says, “and the more we can educate the masses, the more they will eventually start to rebel against the leaders and do something about it.”

Answers in Genesis seeks to show scientifically that the Bible offers the best explanation for the origin of humanity and the universe. He contends that scientific evidence increasingly undermines the theory of evolution [we would add: “and the anti-biblical millions-of-years belief system”], and that his and other Christian “creation ministries” are giving people the tools and the confidence to challenge the teaching of evolution as dogma.

The ministry founder says the creationist movement is having a large and dramatic effect on American culture, more than many people realize. “There is a groundswell of growing attention to this topic across the nation,” he says, adding, “Why else would some of the evolutionists be so militantly concerned about what’s going on? I think it’s because of the effectiveness of what’s happening.”

Ham believes the growing number of challenges to the teaching of evolution is directly proportional to the effectiveness of creation ministries in getting their information out.


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