Prayer Requests and Praises, October 2012


When we pray, we should consider our words—remembering the greatness of our God and guarding against the habit of flippantly offering empty words or phrases.

Listen closely to people talking and you may begin to notice how many times we say “filler words” and meaningless phrases (um, you know, and, like, etc.). These words often don’t add anything to the conversation—they just occupy space as we formulate the next thought.

Sadly, many people have accustomed themselves to repeating similar “filler words” and phrases in their prayers. Without thinking about it, we can end up using or repeating all sorts of spiritual-sounding terminology and phrases to prop up our prayers.

Ecclesiastes 5:2 cautions people to be careful in their speech before God: “Do not be rash with your mouth, and let not your heart utter anything hastily before God. For God is in heaven, and you on earth; therefore let your words be few.” So, when we pray, we should consider our words—remembering the greatness of our God and guarding against the habit of flippantly offering empty words or phrases.


New Web Store

The month of October marks the release of our new online store! We thank God for the web staff and others who put long hours of work and testing into this extensive redesign, and we are excited to help people get resources even more quickly and intuitively. Thank God for allowing us to launch this significant upgrade, and pray that continued testing will go smoothly as we work out any minor bugs remaining.

Answers Bible Curriculum

AiG’s new Sunday school program has been met with enthusiasm and high demand, for which we thank the Lord. We rejoice to see how Answers Bible Curriculum is being welcomed by churches and groups across the country, reaching many young people with biblically solid teaching.

Please keep praying for the curriculum development team as they continue to work on content for additional quarters. Also pray that production and shipping of ABC materials will be timely and efficient to meet the need.


Looking to the New Year

There are many decisions to be made about future projects and goals in the coming year, so please pray for the board and leadership team as they seek God’s guidance and wisdom for the ministry. We praise God for the talented people He has brought together on the Answers in Genesis staff.

Very soon, AiG will be announcing its ministry theme for the next two years, and it’s an exciting one. On this site and elsewhere in the ministry, we will share many new initiatives and resources that are being planned next year in conjunction with that theme. Hint: We’ll build off a verse in the book of Galatians.

Health Concerns

We live in a fallen world, and because of that we all suffer physical pain and hardship. Right now a number of AiG staff members and their families are dealing with significant physical afflictions. Please pray specifically for their healing, and ask God to encourage and comfort them in these difficult times.

Christmas Preparation

As the air gets chillier, preparations are already underway at the Creation Museum for our annual Christmas program. Please pray for the museum staff who are involved in coordinating for this year’s major winter outreach, that they will make wise decisions in planning.

Also, please ask the Lord to give wisdom to our administration staff and stamina to those who work in the AiG warehouse as they go above and beyond to provide excellent service and fast shipping during this very busy season.


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