Prayer Requests and Praises, October 2011


As the new year approaches, we’re excited to offer a new way of sharing prayer requests and praises with you.

As the new year approaches, we’re excited to offer a new way of sharing prayer requests and praises with you. On any given date, there are numerous individual projects, events, and outreaches that proclaim the biblical authority message at  Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and across the world with our various speakers.

It would be overwhelming to keep you updated on every detail, so AiG decided to go for a simpler format. We’ll let you know what major projects are most in need of your prayers throughout the year. To do this, we’ve re-created the prayer section to provide you with relevant ministry updates. These updates will also run in our daily article section on the homepage, allowing more visitors to see what’s going on. We hope this will inspire even more Christians to start asking God to work through the staff and programs of Answers in Genesis.

Of course, there are opportunities every day for you to pray for new events, outreaches, and projects—the websites of and are great for keeping in tune with the ministry’s heartbeat. For example, check our list of upcoming speaking events in the outreach section, read Ken Ham’s blog, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. In your prayers, please remember the many outreaches mentioned on these and other AiG media, including our print and email newsletters and Answers magazine.

Thank you for joining the many hundreds of Christians who faithfully come before God on our behalf. Your prayers are vital to the effectiveness of this ministry, so please continue to pray and fast, partnering with us as we proclaim the authority of God’s Word (1 Thessalonians 5:25).


Answers for Pastors Conference

This year’s conference for Christian leaders was a big success inside our new Legacy Hall! About 300people attended and received focused biblical training from a dozen  speakers last week. In addition, pastors were given the whole afternoon on Wednesday to tour the Creation Museum next to the auditorium. We thank the Lord for all the biblical answers these leaders will be able to bring back to their churches.



Answers Bible Curriculum

Design and development continues on this three-year Sunday school program for all ages. We anticipate the release of this unique resource next year, which is being created to provide answers to the issues of today’s culture by examining the Bible in chronological order. The goal is to equip believers to defend the truth of God’s Word and become conformed to the image of Christ, providing a thorough understanding of the authority and primary teachings of Scripture.

Please pray for those involved in development of this important program—writing, editing, illustrating, and laying out—that they will be able to work well together, proceed in a timely manner, and meet the necessary deadlines as the Lord wills.

2012 VBS: IncrediWorld

If you’ve seen our Vacation Bible School (VBS) curricula from previous years, then you know how much content we pack into these fun, evangelistic programs. Well, next year’s VBS will be our biggest yet—IncrediWorld Amazement Park! We are thrilled to think how many kids will experience God’s incredible world of wonders in a life-changing way as they get important answers to questions about worldviews, the Bible, creation, age of the earth, and the most important question of all, “How can I be saved?”

In order to produce such a detailed and complex VBS outreach, a whole lot of work goes on behind the scenes. Please pray for strength and wisdom for everyone involved in making IncrediWorld a success, including continued development of the VBS website. The resources  are currently being manufactured overseas and will then be shipped back to the U.S. for assembly and distribution. So, please ask the Lord to guide the production of all the individual pieces so that everything comes together in an organized and timely way.

Ministry Finances

With the close of the year and the continuing advancement of the Ark Encounter project (a full-size Noah’s Ark), there are many important decisions to be made by the board regarding funding and expenses. Pray that God will guide and give wisdom to those in leadership as they manage the resources He has provided.


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