Prayer Requests and Praises, May 2013


From the beginning, God has been intimately involved in His creation. And throughout Scripture we read how our God answers the prayers of His people.

When Jesus healed 10 lepers of the terrible disease they had been suffering, only one of them came back to thank Him. And although some of those 10 were Jews—God’s chosen people—the only one who returned was a Samaritan (whom the Jews despised). Scripture records our Lord’s response: “Were there not ten cleansed? But where are the nine? Were there not any found who returned to give glory to God except this foreigner?” (Luke 17:17–18).

Sadly, Christians often act like those nine lepers who simply received the miracle of healing from Jesus and then went on their way without ever stopping to thank and praise Him for it. But like the one leper who returned to thank Jesus, let’s not forget to give glory to God for answering our prayers.

Thank you for faithfully praying with the ministry of Answers in Genesis!

Praises and Requests

Women Have Answers

Our Answers for Women conference this month was a great success! We praise God for the many ladies who joined for edification and instruction here at the Creation Museum’s Legacy Hall. Also, we want to thank the Lord for the opportunity to share answers with hundreds more over the internet through live streaming video at And in case you missed it, you can still watch Dr. Georgia Purdom’s talk.

The two live video sessions and the others here at the conference all received positive responses. Please pray that the people who were impacted by these presentations will be encouraged as they apply the authority of Scripture to their everyday life.

Blue Ridge Christian Academy

Did you see our web article about the Christian school in South Carolina that recently got attacked by atheists for teaching biblical creation? They used an AiG DVD called Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel as teaching material for their students, which we think is great. The response to our article defending that school was incredible—it received over 60,000 pageviews in two days.

We are thankful that God made our voice heard and that the secularists took notice. Please continue to pray for this school and the hundreds more like it across America that are increasingly under attack for their stand on the authority of God’s Word, starting in Genesis.

Creation Museum Zip Lines

That’s right! Special construction teams have been hard at work installing an extensive system of zip lines at the Creation Museum (2.5 miles of zip lines). But there’s still plenty of work left to wrap up before they are open to the public—which should be soon. Please pray that the team is able to finish the course in a timely and safe manner so visitors this summer can experience a high-flying adventure at the Creation Museum.

Ark Encounter Articles

As planning and fundraising continues for the evangelistic Ark Encounter project, we are excited to now offer Ark-related articles on the AiG website. Please ask the Lord to guide the process of research, writing, and editing for these articles—and pray that the impact will be blessed as we seek to provide people with biblical answers about the Ark and Flood of Noah’s day. Also, please keep praying for God to provide the necessary funding as we move forward with this monumental Ark Encounter project.

Summer Staff and Interns

Crowds are starting to pick up at the Creation Museum, and major projects are underway in the web department—as well as other areas of the ministry. With all this extra work comes a need for extra help, so Answers in Genesis is in the process of selecting and training a number of seasonal employees. Please pray that God will clearly direct this process for the benefit of the ministry and those who are joining us for the summer.


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