Prayer Requests and Praises, March 2012


Spring is on the way, bringing with it a host of new opportunities for outreach, plus projects to keep us busy updating and upgrading. Thank you for prayerfully supporting the ministry in everything God is doing here and throughout the world.


Ark Encounter Land Purchase

The Ark Encounter project continues to move forward one step at a time. We praise the Lord for the major stride forward last month—the purchase of the final and largest parcel of land in northern Kentucky. This and other updates were announced in a news release last month.

Now that all 800 acres have been purchased, project development will continue with the goal of groundbreaking in mind. Please pray for wisdom for the Ark Encounter’s design team as they seek to be diligent with the resources God has provided, and ask God to continue bringing financial support for this monumental evangelistic outreach.


Web Development Projects

Did you know that recently won the prestigious “Best Ministry Website” award from the 1,200-member National Religious Broadcasters? This website—along with,,, and others—is made possible by a dedicated team of staff working behind the scenes to keep things running.

The AiG website is refreshed each day with new articles and media. To support the new content, there are a number of significant projects in the works, including critical long-term decisions, improvements to the VBS Manager, upgrading key systems for better integration, and other development and design. Our web team is always busy, so please pray for the coordination of these tasks in general and for the individual team members to have necessary insight.

Answers Bible Curriculum

To counter the increasing skepticism toward God’s Word in the church, AiG is producing a Sunday school program that gives relevant answers to the whole family. With seven age levels from preschool to adult, Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) is designed to teach through Scripture chronologically in a way that engages children, teens, and grown-ups to defend the truth of God’s Word together.

The website for ABC recently got a new look as well as updated information about the program. We still have plenty of work to do for the release of year one this fall, and lots more to prepare for years two and three. This is an enormous undertaking that we believe will have significant impact, so please pray that we will rely on God’s strength and guidance in designing and writing ABC.

Children’s Ministry Leaders’ Conference

Next week in Legacy Hall, youth workers from across the nation will gather for our Children’s Ministry Leaders’ Conference. For two days they will receive focused instruction for teaching apologetics to today’s kids. Please lift up the many speakers in prayer, that they may present truth clearly and powerfully. Pray for those in attendance to be refreshed and equipped by the biblical messages so they can return and give answers to families in their local churches.

IncrediWorld VBS 2012

The season for Vacation Bible School is fast approaching, and this year’s Amazement Park is ready to go. Tens of thousands of children will be impacted with the solid message of biblical truth presented in this program. Please ask God to work in the hearts of these young people and their families, leading many to trust in Christ for eternal life and believe His Word. Also, pray for the leaders and teachers in churches hosting IncrediWorld Amazement Park to present the material with wisdom and skill.


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