Prayer Requests and Praises, January 2013


Praise God once again for giving us another year to “declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples” (Psalm 96:3). This essential purpose—declaring the glory of our awesome Creator God—underlies everything we do at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum.

Last year was filled with opportunities for us to share the foundational truth of God’s Word with many thousands of people across the country and around the world. We are grateful for the Lord’s blessing in these outreaches and excited about what the new year holds.

A special focus for our ministry in 2013 is the theme, “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids.” We want to establish a foundation of faithfulness to the authority of God’s Word for generations to come! Thank you for praying with us to this end.


Year-end Giving

In the final weeks of 2012, AiG and the Ark Encounter team revealed our year-end funding goals of $250,000 for the core ministry and $3 million for the Ark Encounter. And through the generous gifts of so many supporters, we surpassed both of these amounts! It is thrilling to see how God has abundantly blessed the work here yet again.

The gracious support of people like you helped to bring funding for the Ark Encounter project over $12 million. Praise God for the progress toward this evangelistic, Bible-upholding monument, and please pray for continued donations as we move forward in the research and design stage and in securing the necessary permits.

Christmas Town

Once again, thousands of people visited Christmas Town at the Creation Museum and encountered the gospel message grounded firmly in the foundational truth of God’s Word. The theme for Christmas Town 2012 connected the biblical Ark with the coming of Jesus Christ in a way that powerfully reached out to all visitors.

Praise the Lord for this outreach and the people who attended. And please pray that the Holy Spirit will convict unbelievers who heard the truth during last month’s Christmas Town evenings, so that they might repent and believe.


AiG Leadership

A new year brings many new decisions for the AiG board and leadership team. Their choices directly affect the whole ministry and indirectly affect hundreds of thousands of people. Please ask God to clearly direct them as they seek to be good stewards of His resources.


This new year also comes with many more conferences and other events so that we can share the truth of Scripture with many. Please pray for those attending the events that they might grow closer to the Lord or come to know the Jesus Christ as their Savior through these outreaches. Please also pray for those managing and planning the events, volunteering, and speaking—that they will have safety of travel and clarity of thought as they seek to do all these things through God’s strength.

Answers for Teachers

Don’t forget to pray for the upcoming Answers for Teachers conference in mid-February. Everyone attending this event will receive instruction from Ken Ham and several other excellent AiG speakers, and they will tour the Creation Museum and bookstore. Ask God to bring many teachers to take advantage of this opportunity, and pray that it will impact and empower them to continue boldly standing on the truth of God’s Word.

Software Development

As we mentioned last month, the IT department at AiG is developing a new inventory management system for our warehouse. This new technology will save time and effort for warehouse staff and help us better track what products are in stock. Please pray that the staff members working on this project will be able to accomplish the necessary research and coding before the deadline next month.


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