Prayer Requests and Praises, April 2012


It’s springtime here in Kentucky, and the wonder of God’s creation during this time of year reminds us once again of His everlasting goodness. Thank you for joining with us to praise our Maker and lift up requests to Him who hears.


Spring Crowds

If you stop by the Creation Museum around this time, you’ll probably notice right away that God is blessing us with plenty of visitors! Many folks are taking advantage of their spring break to be challenged and uplifted in biblical truth here at the museum. It’s certainly a beautiful time of the year to stroll through the gardens, and there are lots of special programs designed to show the validity and importance of a biblical worldview. Praise God for so many people being equipped with the truth.

On Friday evening the museum welcomed its latest addition: the Johnson Observatory. About 140 people who helped sponsor this observatory (outfitted with two high-power telescopes) helped dedicate the observatory (see Ken’s blog post). Pray that this new museum outreach, plus our planetarium, will show thousands of non-Christians that the heavens declare God’s glory (Psalm 19:1) and that God’s Word is true—especially the gospel message.

Children’s Ministry Leaders’ Conference

We were blessed last month when more than 200 men and women involved in children’s ministry came from all over the U.S. and met in Legacy Hall at the Creation Museum. For two days they received teaching from several speakers on the subject of how to reach children with the truth of God’s Word in our postmodern culture.

Many participants have written to share with us how much they appreciate the conference, and we praise the Lord for blessing this outreach. Please pray for the churches of these ministry workers as they return and seek to affect the next generation.


Answers for Women Conference

This month, we are anticipating the chance to present focused, uplifting teaching to women from across the country in our Answers for Women conference at the Creation Museum. Over the course of two days, our lineup of highly qualified speakers will address key issues, applying Scripture to real life, and giving answers to questions women face every day.

Please pray that the conference will be well attended so that many daughters of God will be strengthened in their faith. Also, ask the Lord to guide those involved in the final stages of planning and preparing for the outreach so that all the details will come together to glorify God and minister to His people.

Preparing for London Olympics Outreach

The date of the 2012 Olympic Games is drawing closer, and there’s still a whole lot of preparation left to do for AiG’s outreach to the diverse crowds that will be there. Please pray for the dozens of people involved in setting up our London Olympics Outreach—especially Dr. David Crandall, the director of Answers Worldwide, and his wife. They really have their hands full trying to coordinate this program (among other things) over the next few months. Ask God to give clear leading and open doors so that Answers in Genesis might present a powerful witness to thousands of people from around the world.

Homeschool Curriculum Fair

Immediately following the upcoming Answers for Women conference, the Creation Museum will host a free Homeschool Curriculum Fair, featuring presentations by Ken Ham and Dr. Tommy Mitchell. Our curriculum expert, Polly Brown, will also be available to help visitors make educated choices about the materials for sale. Please pray that we will be able to get solid biblical resources into the hands of many homeschool families attending this event.


Next month, our radio program, Answers … with Ken Ham, sees a format change. Please pray that many more Christian stations will now add this relevant-to-the-culture radio feature to their programming lineup.

Ark Encounter

We ask that you pray for continued funding for the evangelistic Noah’s Ark, the centerpiece of the Ark Encounter complex to be built in northern Kentucky.


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