Point and Click—and Pick an Event at Your Church


The new Answers Outreach site is ready to help you find an event nearby or host one at your own church.

Finding out how to get one of our excellent AiG speakers to come to your church or group has just gotten a lot easier.

AiG’s award-winning website continues to evolve and keeps getting better (through intelligent design!). If you want to schedule one of our excellent speakers or to find out if an event will be held near you, we’re excited to announce a new website with features that you’ll want to check out: www.AnswersConferences.org.

AiG’s president (and best-known speaker) Ken Ham says: “Every time I speak, people ask me how they can host an Answers in Genesis conference. This new website makes it easy. It has all the information they need to get started.”

Ken Adds: “God has really blessed us with great communicators, and they travel all over the country presenting a wide variety of life-changing messages. Every speaker defends biblical accuracy and authority—just as I do.”

In addition to our foundational “relevance of Genesis” and biblical authority messages, AiG speakers also conduct illustrated presentations on dinosaurs, racism, intelligent design, worldviews, evolution in popular culture, global warming, stem cell research, cloning, and many other topics.

We have greatly upgraded our outreach site so that we can more effectively support local churches to reach people with the creation/gospel message using our dynamic speakers.

Ken also says: “I believe we have some of the best-qualified and gifted speakers on biblical creation in the world. I encourage you to go to the new site and search around—and then consider having an AiG conference in your area.”

To find an event coming to your area, just click on the map page.

In the next phase of enhancing the website, you will be able to watch video snippets of our speakers, and much, much more. For the moment, you can watch a video greeting by Ken on the homepage.

It’s easier than you may think to impact teens and families for eternity as you host a faith-affirming AiG seminar! So, visit www.AnswersConferences.org


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