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In 1986, newlyweds Randy and Barb Witt decided that Vacation Bible School was a good way they could serve their newly found Lord. But they had no idea how greatly God would bless their humble efforts and make VBS their consuming passion and ministry.

As they grew in Christ, the Witts became more and more burdened to reach children with the exciting, deeper truths that they were learning about Him and His works—depths that aren’t usually plumbed in off-the-shelf VBS programs. They recognized that effectively reaching kids with the gospel requires not just sharing the familiar Bible accounts but also laying out the sweep of God’s incredible work through history, including real, meaty apologetics at a child’s level.


After searching for a VBS curriculum with deep biblical content, Randy and Barb decided to write their own. They kept all the fun, but added meaty apologetics at a child’s level.

So in 2000 they bought a VBS kit and rewrote it for their church to emphasize the creation message. The next year they wrote their own program from scratch.

Since then, God has multiplied the Witts’ outreach beyond anything they imagined. The number of kids attending VBS at their home church has grown to 1,200. And when Answers in Genesis learned about their unique ministry, they partnered to produce VBS programs annually, beginning in 2007. Now their VBS programs reach hundreds of thousands each year. Barb says God is truly making Ephesians 3:20–21 come to life for them, doing “abundantly above all that we ask or think” to His glory.

“VBS programs, done right, can impact the whole church and reach into the community.”

VBS programs, done right, can impact the whole church and reach into the community. Two-thirds of the children who come to VBS at the Witts’ church are not from their church, and many come from other religions, such as Buddhism, Islam, and Mormonism.

Though it’s difficult work that demands thousands of hours of their spare time, the Witts agree that their ministry is a privilege, especially when they experience the thrill of leading a precious child to the Lord.

Barb says, “You’re going to see that child in heaven—I’d do this ministry for one.”

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January – March 2011

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