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We had a fascinating visitor at Answers in Genesis recently. Mike Wild and his family live in the jungles of Southeast Asia as missionaries. They love our Answers in Genesis resources, and now are partnering with AiG to produce what we believe will be a truly unique reality show available on video.

Mike told us that he loves the ocean. He shared that when he was a young charter boat captain in Florida, he and his wife Libby learned that there were still native people in the world who don’t have the Bible in their language—and have never heard the gospel message.

Their world was “rocked” when they saw a video from New Tribes Mission, which showed nearly an entire village of tribal people dancing for joy when they were taught the gospel beginning in Genesis. Mike and Libby felt God’s call to go to a remote tribe themselves, and quickly applied to become missionaries with NTM. Leaving the ocean behind, they and their growing little family were soon in Southeast Asia learning the trade language and preparing to move deep in a remote jungle.

After gaining fluency in the language, Mike began translating the Bible. At the same time, Mike and Libby were homeschooling their boys as their whole family got to know the culture and people of the tribe.

During an AiG staff meeting where we interviewed Mike, he told us that his family occasionally ate what the tribal people ate: insects, leaves, roots, lizards, and other reptiles! And they dressed similarly (with appropriate modesty). To their sons, the jungle quickly became home, and they and their young tribal friends explored creation every day. It’s certainly not your average homeschool family! And that’s what will make this new reality video series so unique!


Mike and Libby introduced basic medicines to the tribe and began earning the people’s trust by significantly reducing the 70% child mortality rate. Soon, the animistic people began to see that the God of Mike and Libby Wild was more powerful than the evil spirits whom they were appeasing by mutilating children and sometimes killing women accused of being witches.

Translating the Bible and sharing the gospel was still the most important goal. Mike shared with us that it took about four years to learn the language and then develop a literacy class to translate the Bible for that remote jungle area. Then, in 2010, Mike and a translation co-worker taught 70 chronological lessons—Mike says they’re similar to our Answers Bible Curriculum—beginning with Genesis and going up to the death, burial, and Resurrection of Christ. Several of the tribal people understood the gospel and prayed to receive Jesus!

Today, only ten years after they began their work among this polygamist, animistic tribe, there is a thriving church. And that body of believers is sending native converts to far regions of the tribe—weeks away by foot—to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. They are teaching the gospel beginning where God does, in Genesis, and seeing other natives receive the free gift of salvation, too!

Because Mike’s children have such unique experiences, the video series on their lives is absolutely fascinating. We believe you’ll be captivated by their adventures, just as our staff has been.

Don’t miss out on this high-quality, reality-based video series that shows even more about life in the jungle, from the perspective of Mike and Libby’s four sons, ages 10–16. It’s shot and edited primarily by the Wild brothers themselves, with a little help from mom and dad!

AiG is thrilled that a new Wild Brothers episode will be released by us once every quarter, beginning this month! The way God is using AiG’s teaching is nothing short of amazing. Mike and Libby Wild are parents who were willing to see their family step out of the ordinary and transfer their biblical worldview to an entire unreached people group. It is a story of joy filled with love for God and love between family members.

Each adventure is designed to show modern kids and families the amazing beauty, and challenges, of the rain forest of the Asia Pacific. The Wild Brothers all have special parts in this series where God’s creation is on display, and the family’s exciting work of translating and presenting the gospel, beginning in Genesis, is creatively presented.

Never before has there been a tool that teaches the creation-based worldview quite like this!


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