Meet the New!

on May 17, 2014

Our brand-new design is now easier and faster to use—on any device.

Why the changes?

Technology changes. We at Answers in Genesis are committed to providing the best possible experience for our web visitors. So, here are some key changes that will make it easier than ever to find the biblical and scientific answers you need.

New Homepage is mobile friendly

Mobile-friendly Design

More than just a “mobile version,” our new mobile-responsive design adjusts the site to fit your screen size. So now you can easily explore our full website on a smartphone, tablet, notebook computer, or desktop computer.

We also simplified the menu system and reworked the footer, giving you quick access to key pages and all our other sites.

New website has a whole new structure

New Foundation

We’ve totally rebuilt the structure supporting That means the website will be be:

  • More stable. Our website’s new foundation can handle much more traffic and quickly scale to increased demand.
  • More secure. The entire site is now even more secure to help keep your information safe.
  • Faster. Better architecture means pages load faster!
Now easier to find your answers

Easier to Find Answers

Our site is packed with content—and we wanted to help you more easily find the answers you’re looking for. So, we categorized over 12,000 articles into popular topics in our new Answers section. Everything is easier to find!

This new topic-based structure will also improve the quality of our search results—making our content even more accessible on search engines like Google.

Site Features


New Homepage

The clean, simple design organizes all your favorites—daily articles, blogs by our speakers, and the newest cartoons and videos.

Hot articles you won’t want to miss are now highlighted with eye-catching, full-width images.

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New Homepage

With over 240 topics, our new Answers section is the place to go when you’re looking for biblical answers, from Dinosaurs to the Sanctity of Life.

Each comprehensive topic page brings our best content to life with stunning imagery, short videos, featured articles, and related resources.

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New Homepage

Now you can access thousands of free video and audio resources on your smartphone or tablet, thanks to mobile-friendly formats.

Plus, videos are now higher quality for full-screen playback and organized into topics that help you navigate.

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New Homepage

We totally reworked the Education section with parents, teachers, and other educators in mind!

In addition to curricula and VBS, you’ll find book and movie reviews, dozens of free online study guides, and hundreds of topically organized articles about college, public school, homeschool, and parenting. Our online courses got a new look, too!

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New Homepage

Complete with a fun, colorful new look and new “kids mode,” our Kids Answers site is ready for you to turn the kids loose. They’ll have a blast while learning about the truth of God’s Word, and they will love the fun new characters like Bryce, Ellyn, Rex, and Digby.

Between the interactive coloring pages, free videos, and hundreds of articles written just for kids, there’s plenty to keep them busy!

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New Homepage

It’s still the same great store we launched 18 months ago, but with a fresh design that’s even cleaner and easier to use.

Plus, sitewide account access lets you log in and see your cart even when you leave the store.

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So Much More!

Explore the site for yourself to see what’s new, and don’t miss these other great features in the new design:

What’s Next?

You may have noticed the Events section of the site still has the old look. Keep watching in the coming months because we have some really special things planned for our future website updates.


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