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One of the most exciting things that happened during my recent ministry tour with AiG-US President Ken Ham of the island nation of Jamaica occurred in the capital city of Kingston.

One of the most exciting things that happened during my recent ministry tour with AIG-US President Ken Ham of the island nation of Jamaica occurred in the capital city of Kingston.

At a church in Kingston, and after Ken spoke on the topic of “one blood” (showing from Scripture and science that all of us go back to an original couple, Adam and Eve), a young girl with a “dark complexion” explained to Ken that she had won his book “One Blood” during a contest at a Bible camp that I had spoken to last year. (For the past 3 years, AIG has been working with young people at a Christian junior and senior high school camp in Jamaica—teaching Biblical apologetics.)

That night, she took “One Blood” back to her room. She could not put it down. It was exciting for her, then, to meet Ken, its co-author.

On this trip, I ran into at least 10 young people that I have personally worked with over the last 2-3 years. They were very excited to have us return and to see AIG make the effort to fly down to minister to them.

Creation evangelism” is a vital outreach to this impoverished (spiritually and otherwise) country. In front of our hotel in Ocho Rios, as we were waiting for Devon Linton, our new full-time AIG worker in Jamaica, I ended up chatting with a man by the name of Dennis. I explained to him that we were going to Kingston on ministry.

Dennis indicated that he had grown up going to church, but admitted that “No, I am not a Christian,” and that he had left the church many years ago. I had the opportunity to share with him about God’s Word and our proclamation of the Gospel on the island. Ken soon joined us, and after listening in to a part of the conversation, Ken went back to his hotel room and brought back a number of booklets that answered many of his questions (Where did Cain get his wife?, Where did God come from?, etc.). We gave these booklets to him, as well as to four hotel workers who were standing nearby.

Dennis and the others had question after question, and I had the wonderful opportunity to answer their questions and to share the Gospel. We were showing them that the Bible could be connected to the real world. We were asked about the religion of Rastafarianism, which is very prominent in that country. So I told them that, sorry, I believed that Rastafarianism was wrong and that Jesus Christ was the only way to Heaven. Jesus is the only mediator, not Haile Selassie [former Ethiopian emperor who is venerated in this religion]. The Bible, I told them, explains salvation. In fact, we wanted to show them that with each of their questions, we could demonstrate how the Bible explains our world.

Dennis was very open. He frankly told me that he would have handed the materials right back to me if I hadn’t given such candid (but, I trust, respectful) responses to his questions. He said he would read the booklets.

Jamaica is a difficult place for ministry, but people are searching for answers in this poor and spiritually needy nation. AIG wants to help even further. Ken Ham has been invited to come back to Jamaica next year to speak at a national pastors” conference. I have been invited to speak at a national youth conference around Easter time.

We praise God for the inroads AIG has made in Jamaica, and look forward to more ministry there next year.

Prayer Points

Our newest international staff member with Answers in Genesis is Mr Devon Linton, who proclaims the “creation evangelism” message throughout Jamaica. As he works with Christian leaders in Jamaica (such as his colleagues pastors Smith and Lewis), please pray that churches in his island nation will be open to having him speak and proclaim the uncompromising Word of God. Also, pray that within the non-Christian community, Devon will be able to use the book of Genesis and materials like “One Blood” as powerful evangelistic tools in this very needy country. And pray for Dennis, the searching man we mentioned above.


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