Hunt for the Ark

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Pastor Hunt

Pastor Hunt gave the Answers in Genesis staff a devotional message from Psalm 119.

We’ve been thrilled to see how many influential Christian leaders have toured the Creation Museum since it opened four years ago. These leaders have gone back into their spheres of influence (churches, ministries, etc.) and have encouraged people to visit the Creation Museum and be better equipped in their faith.

Twice now Answers in Genesis has had the privilege of hosting Dr. Johnny Hunt, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia, and outgoing president of the Southern Baptist Convention (the largest Protestant denomination in America), here in our facility. While visiting the museum earlier this year on his second trip to see us, Johnny and his family took the time to speak for our Answers in Genesis staff chapel. He presented a wonderful devotional based on Psalm 119. Also, Pastor Hunt gave a strong endorsement not only for the Creation Museum, but also the future Ark Encounter.

Directly after chapel, Pastor Hunt stayed behind in the auditorium to record some video endorsements of the Ark Encounter. You can watch this wonderful Bible teacher and well-known Christian leader endorse the evangelistic Ark project here.

Pastor Hunt, at his very core, is keen on evangelism, and at the same time ensures his congregation is equipped in the Word and he seeks to train them in biblical apologetics. While Pastor Hunt was here, Answers in Genesis also had the opportunity to brief him Hunt on the full-size, all-wood Noah’s Ark (the centerpiece of the Ark Encounter), which will feature nine themed areas.

Please check for news as it relates to the Ark Encounter. We hope to inform you soon when ground will be broken for this unique center, located in northern Kentucky about 40 miles south of the Creation Museum (and south of Cincinnati, Ohio).

Next month, Ken Ham will be speaking at First Baptist Woodstock. Answers in Genesis is so thankful for pastors like Dr. Hunt who are preaching the whole counsel of God’s Word and who have become partners with Answers in Genesis in proclaiming the creation and gospel message.


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