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by Ken Ham on December 18, 2007

As you know, Satan’s opposition increases in proportion to our effectiveness for Christ—and we have had a very effective year in 2007. So, we’ve been attacked from all sides!

As you know, Satan’s opposition increases in proportion to our effectiveness for Christ—and, praise the Lord, we have had a very effective year in 2007. And we’ve been attacked from all sides:

  • You’ll remember when TV host Bill Maher staged a “covert raid” on the Creation Museum with the sole intent of mocking and degrading the authority of Scripture.
  • Picketers gathered outside the museum, trying to frighten our guests away and prevent them from being convinced by our presentation of the Bible’s trustworthiness.
  • We’ve even been accused of “child abuse” simply for teaching that human beings are the dearly loved, special creation of God rather than animals resulting from millions of years of blind chance!

Nothing could ever make me, or the dedicated staff here at AiG, abandon our quest to restore true Christian thinking to America (and the world!). But we’re human, just like everybody else, and some days we feel the discouragement of being a lone voice in the wilderness.

Those are the times when your steadfast partnership would be even more precious to us. As the year draws to a close, I’m asking you to pray diligently about how large a gift you can give to support AiG’s year-end ministry and start 2008 strong.

We need to raise $400,000 by December 31 to finish the year on-budget—armed to stand as effective witnesses for Christ against Satan’s attacks while 2007 closes and a new year begins. I have no doubt we can reach that goal, if every person who truly wants to see the world acknowledge the truth of God’s Word will reach out with one final, generous gift in these last few weeks of 2007.

Pray to find how God wants to use you in this situation, and pray that thousands of other Bible-believing Christians will do the same. But please hurry—December 31 is nearly here, and your gift must be made by then to strengthen AiG for the new year!

Ridicule, slander, even attacks from fellow Christians who have abandoned the foundation of their faith . . . all these things we can overcome as long as we continue to reach the world with God’s truth. And together, we will! I know $400,000 is a lot to raise in just a few short weeks, but we serve such an awesome God and our supporters are so generous, I do believe we can make it if we work together. Please make your gift today, to join with the gifts of others to deliver the uncompromising message of the Bible’s authority!


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