Have Motor Home—Will Travel!


Few volunteers have the fascinating background of Bob and Jan Thompson … or their passion for creation evangelism.

Internationally, AiG is a ministry that is heavily dependent on volunteers to help proclaim the important creation/gospel message. Whether it’s the dozens of volunteers who have greatly assisted at the Creation Museum site in Northern Kentucky, USA this year, or the several dozen committeeas who have volunteered to host AiG conferences in their areas, few volunteers have the fascinating background of Bob and Jan Thompson—or their passion for creation evangelism.

Bob, originally from Minnesota, has been a high school principal, teacher and landscape contractor (mostly in California). His wife, Jan, was active in their church and in raising five children.

In 2001, Bob and Jan began touring the country in a motor home so that they could help churches, camps and Christian schools with various handyman projects. From July until November of last year, the Thompsons were engaged in all kinds of volunteer activities at the Creation Museum site, and we got to know and deeply appreciate this fine Christian couple.

One of their passions now is to travel the country to hand-deliver AiG’s apologetics materials to pastors (particularly those in Calvary Chapel congregations; they attend such a church when they are back home in California) and also to encourage them to host a faith-building AiG meeting.

For churches in some of the more remote areas, the Thompsons are making themselves available to facilitate what are called “AiG videoconferences,” where AiG videos can be projected on a large screen, with the Thompsons available to emcee and set up the meetings. These kinds of outreaches can be conducted quite inexpensively, with perhaps a love offering covering most of the costs to present such a videoconference.

Before they left AiG and hit the road, Bob admitted to AiG that “during the first years of secular university study, my doubts about Scripture came, even though I had given my life to the Lord as a teenager. After 41 years as a teacher and administrator in both secular and Christian schools, I was still left with unanswered questions about Genesis.”

He continued: “Although I could not embrace an old earth or even theistic evolution, it was not until my exposure to AiG—and the clear teaching of Ken Ham—that I would finally have answers … answers based on God’s Word."

Here are some suggested formats. How about a Wednesday evening video program (perhaps showing two videos) in your church, or maybe on a Sunday evening? Share these ideas with your pastor. He might be under the impression that his church could never host an AiG meeting.


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