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While I was in Australia earlier this month, my sister-in-law Brenda related an incident that once again confirmed the importance of one of the major aspects of the Answers in Genesis ministry.

While I was in Australia visiting my ill brother Robert earlier this month (he has a horrible, aggressive brain disease), my sister-in-law Brenda related an incident that once again confirmed the importance of one of the major aspects of the Answers in Genesis ministry.

Brenda had some chairs that needed repair. A friend told her of a cabinetmaker who might be willing to carry out the repairs. This man came and took the chairs and returned them-restored to new condition-a few days later.

When Brenda asked how much it cost, he said he did it as a labor of love for Robert and her. He then said, “Did you know that Robert’s brother’s book, The Lie: Evolution, was a major instrument the Lord used in bringing me to the point of salvation?”

We have so many similar testimonies from people who have told us about how an AiG resource connected to their salvation.

The book The Genesis Flood was the first major creation book I came across that gave me answers concerning the creation/evolution issue. It helped thrust me on the road that led to the formation of what is now known as the Answers in Genesis ministry.

By the way, Dr Carl Wieland, the founder and editor of our Creation magazine, and now also the CEO of the Australian AiG office, became a Christian after reading this same book!

I believe that Bible-upholding books and other resources, and now the coming Creation Museum in America, will be the greatest legacies AiG can leave for the coming generations, should the Lord tarry. We want to “flood the world” with Bible-proclaiming and evangelistic materials!

AiG in the beginning

It’s interesting to me to look back on the beginning of the AiG ministry that started in our house in Australia over 20 years ago. After reading The Genesis Flood and another publication, the Lord gave me an intense burden (that I often describe, like Jeremiah, as a “fire in my bones”) to search out and find every book I could on creation/evolution, the relevance of Genesis, and the authority of Scripture in this area.

Specifically, the creation ministry in Australia actually started as a bookshop in our home. People called, wrote, or drove to our house to obtain these materials. Out of this grew what today is a worldwide ministry distributing books and other resources that proclaim the Creation/Gospel message and the authority of God’s Word.

Almost daily at the US office and our other offices around the world— and as I travel around the world—we hear testimonies from Christians whose lives have been changed because of these Bible-upholding resources.

As we begin the 21st century, AiG is committed to making sure that we leave a legacy for this generation and generations to come: we want to produce as many resources (books, videos, audio-tapes, Sunday school materials, etc.) as possible to spread the Word of Truth. When I think about my own life, I realize how much I have relied on the books of others who have gone before.

Another exciting part of this legacy will be AiG’s Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio. Its exhibits will stand for generations to come to uphold the authority of God’s Word, defend the Christian faith, and proclaim the Gospel.

I wanted to give you a glimpse of that “fire in my bones” which the Lord placed there to proclaim the Word of God in this increasingly evolutionary/humanistic world.

This is why we push so hard to get materials out in English and other languages. This is why we are so committed to flooding the world with information, including through this popular Web site (over 10,000 visitors a day!). And this is why we so want to see the Creation Museum up and running as soon as possible.

Your partnership will help us teach and preach, produce Bible-honoring materials, and prepare to construct the Creation Museum.

As you consider a gift to this Bible-proclaiming ministry, please pray that there will be a profound and increasing penetration of this generation with God’s Word…as well as a legacy to teach the Truth to generations to come!

—Ken Ham

Editor’s note: Go to our Answers Bookstore on this site for a list of the hundreds of Bible-upholding resources (such as “The Lie: Evolution’) that are ready to purchase on-line…and securely!


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