Confused Colleges

by Ken Ham on December 7, 2002

What stood out most was a chapel service at a reasonably conservative Christian college. Some students told me that not all the faculty agreed with AiG's position on a literal Genesis.

I was sitting in an airplane (my main place of abode the last couple of months, it seems!) thinking about some of my recent experiences that I could share with you.

What stood out most was a chapel service at a reasonably conservative Christian college. Some students told me that not all the faculty agreed with AiG’s position on a literal Genesis. It was heartbreaking.

A student shared with me that he had just been on a mission trip to a Third World country. When someone there asked him about creation and Genesis, he had a lump in his throat-because of the college, he didn’t know what to say.

I thought to myself: how many other students have had their faith in the Bible undermined there?

Then after almost 3 hours of non-stop talking with some students, and feeling quite drained, I was blessed when one said to me, “Mr. Ham, I’m so glad I heard you speak today. After listening to you, I realized that AiG is defending the inerrancy of Scripture and proclaiming the Gospel.”

I hope these young people will now be able to judge what their profs say against God’s Word, instead of being intimidated by compromise teaching.

I praise God for all the students AiG has reached over the years, including Doug, who once shared a fantastic testimony with me:

I was raised in a Christian home, and never really worried about evolution until high school. [But then I] had a hard time squaring Scripture with science and quickly turned into a “theistic evolutionist.”

Once I ditched Genesis, it was easy to disregard the rest of the Bible. I thought the Bible was false … and I almost became an atheist. I “accidentally” caught you, Ken, on a local Christian station. My mind raced: “You mean God DID create the universe?”

My calling here on campus is to start Bible studies on Genesis. I am so fired up, Mr Ham, and you were a tool God used to prime my pump.

This ministry of upholding the authority of God’s Word-and its Gospel message-is changing lives! As we head toward the end of year, your prayers and gifts will help us proclaim the Creation/Gospel message with even more effectiveness.

Thank you, and have a blessed Christmas holiday!

If, in addition to your prayer support, you are willing and able to give to Answers in Genesis as the Lord leads, please go to our Ministry Support page and choose the option that best suits you. Thank you.

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