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As a missionary involved with evangelism and church planting in Italy several years ago, John Verderame frequently used “creation evangelism” to “pave the way” for a presentation of the Gospel message. Yet, he found there was a severe lack of creation-based resources available in Italian. So, when John joined the Answers in Genesis team last year as “information representative,” he was excited about the possibility of also translating some of AiG’s tracts and booklets into Italian. As he had time, John began working on the translations, emailing the finished product to two Italian nationals for editing—Luigi Speciale, an optician and amateur astronomer and Annamaria Goertzen, who has a diploma in Industrial Chemistry, and works with her Canadian husband as a church planter in northern Italy.

Thanks to John’s hard work and the efforts of these dedicated volunteers, AiG is pleased to announce the launch of its newest Web site, Risposte nella Genesi. “Though nothing can replace the personal contact that a missionary has, the Internet is a powerful tool for disseminating information, both for equipping the saints and for laying the foundational truths that lead to salvation,” John says. (Click here to view the new Italian Web site.)

With this new site, we look forward to reaching some of the over 18 million individuals who have Internet access in Italy (incidentally, this number puts Italy in the top four nations per capita of home Internet usage as of July, 20011).

We also offer the following booklets in Italian: Dinosaurs and the Bible, Is there really a God?, Where did Cain get his wife?, and the soon-to-be-released Why is there death and suffering?

If you are highly fluent in Italian (or any other languages besides English and Spanish), and would like to volunteer to translate AiG materials, please contact us.


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