ARJ: Past, Present, and Future

A Look Back and Ahead for Answers Research Journal


ARJ launched earlier this year with the goal of bringing the best in creation science to publication as quickly, efficiently, and accurately as possible.

Where It All Began

Here are some stats of interest:

  • The ARJ website has had 190,990 unique pageviews since January 2008 and has been linked to from over 100 sites—and growing.
  • Each new paper has generated a significant spike in visitors to the site.
  • The most popular paper in the last six months is Mars, a Testament to Catastrophe.
  • After the initial furor died down, the number of visitors has been steadily increasing since May.
  • Over two hundred people now subscribe to the ARJ RSS feed, which has also been steadily increasing.

It began on January 9, 2008, in a maelstrom of controversy. Despite such an initial reaction, Answers Research Journal has, in less than a year, grown from a humble start with three peer-reviewed papers to a popular destination for serious creation researchers and a fast-growing repository of investigations from those on the new frontiers of science.

ARJ launched earlier this year with the goal of bringing the best in creation science to publication as quickly, efficiently, and accurately as possible. This research is not only on the cutting edge, but freely available for everyone. The journal wasn’t the first peer-reviewed biblical scientific journal, though critics attacked it as if it were, but it is the first free technical journal to break through academic censorship with cutting insights not limited by page length or other restrictions common to printed journals.

Understandably, the secular world has not been happy. A journal that shows how God’s creation affirms the trustworthiness of the Bible, eschews evolutionary propaganda, and offers peer-reviewed research to build the creation model is certainly not going to sit well with those who want Darwinian indoctrination to be the only viewpoint allowed. Many secular journals have chimed in with mockery and derision (there have even been attempts to submit bogus papers), but God has used such attacks to bring nearly 200,000 people to the site and to generate more interest in creation research than ever before.

In fact, the number—and quality—of the papers submitted have exceeded expectations (195 pages worth, and much more on the way next year). If you haven’t already, be sure to review Volume 1 (or see below). While it is true that secular journals have as many pages and more in each issue, thanks to the 2008 Sixth International Conference on Creationism, ARJ, and the other quality creation research journals, examining God’s world through the truth of His Word has never been as exciting or as popular, nor has there been such enthusiasm about real scientific research. Truly, ARJ is proving that there is no chasm between science and religion. Nature, instead, testifies to God’s glory—and the best is yet to come.

Dr. Andrew Snelling, Editor, Looks Ahead

The Answers Research Journal is now firmly established. However, this first year has been a challenge for several reasons. First, much attention was focused on preparations for the Sixth International Conference on Creationism, distracting potential authors, reviewers, and the editors. Second, a new journal has to first demonstrate its credibility and acceptability in order to attract and encourage the best creationist researchers to submit their papers to it. Third, there is always a significant lead time for potential authors to do their research and then prepare their papers. So we are very satisfied, and grateful, that Volume 1 for 2008 is now completed with 16 high quality papers in nearly 200 pages.

The year ahead though looks very exciting. Already at least 14 papers are either being prepared or are promised for Volume 2 in 2009, and the year hasn’t even started! More researchers and potential authors are aware of the Answers Research Journal and are now keen to support the journal by submitting their best papers. The journal’s online publication in color, 24/7 global distribution, and instant online access all make it an attractive destination. Coupled with that are the speed, integrity, and thoroughness of the review process, which appeals to the best creationist researchers who want to see our research and publishing standards raised. The absence of specific publishing deadlines ensures papers are processed and prepared for publication as quickly as our editors, reviewers, and publishing staff can handle them.

Furthermore, the future not only looks bright for the Answers Research Journal, but for creationist research. The Microbe Forum group of microbiologists will meet in July 2009 to discuss their latest research, and their technical papers will subsequently be published in the ARJ. The Creation Biology Group and Creation Geology Group will also have their annual meetings in late July, where extended abstracts will be presented and published. Most good researchers use these opportunities to test the reception of the latest cutting-edge work, and based on the feedback received then prepare their full technical papers for publication. AiG research scientists will be involved in all these meetings and will be soliciting more papers for the ARJ. Important research discussions and partnerships are also forged at these meetings, leading to new research projects.

The other important news is that good creationist research is on the increase, as is funding for that research. At AiG all our research scientists are involved in research, writing, and publishing—supported by donors. And the ARJ is a vital part of our strategy. Traditionally the creationist research effort has been spearheaded by the Institute for Creation Research, but it’s a healthy sign that today that effort is more diversified, with more “players” contributing, either independently or cooperatively. More quality creationist research outputs more technical papers for publication, which augurs well for the ongoing success of the Answers Research Journal.

So, whichever way one looks, the future for the ARJ looks bright. With more cutting edge research being undertaken, you can look forward to many more top-class papers in the Answers Research Journal in 2009. We are counting on your ongoing support. Let’s get the word out that the bar has been raised for creationist research and publishing!


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