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When we look at creation from the perspective of God’s Word, we see all kinds of indications that the earth is young. But what’s the best evidence? The October–December issue of Answers magazine explains the ten best evidences from science that confirm a young earth. But that’s not all. You’ll also read about flying eggs on rotting logs, jet cones in a falcon’s nose, deadly gems of the rainforest, and roaches that hiss for attention—all these and more are in the next issue of Answers magazine, along with the most amazing example of design in all the animal world.

Evidence that Confirms a Young Earth


A sea creature, called an ammonite, was discovered near Redding, California, accompanied by fossilized wood. Both fossils are claimed by strata dating to be 112–120 million years old but yielded radiocarbon ages of only thousands of years.

The research scientists at Answers in Genesis explain their choices for the ten best evidences from science that confirm a young earth. Here are a few of their choices:

Where Is All the Sediment?

At today’s rates, all the sediment on the ocean floor would have accumulated in 12 million years—far fewer than the three billion years that the earth’s oceans are supposed to have been around. What does this tell us about the age of the earth? Answer: the earth is younger than 3 billion years. Add the massive erosion from a global Flood, and all the sediment on today’s seafloor could have easily accumulated during the end stage of the Flood and in the 4,350 years since. (by Dr. Andrew Snelling)

Bent Rocks

How do you bend layers of sedimentary rock thousands of feet thick without breaking them? Answer: have them still soft and wet. Now how do you keep the bottom layer soft and wet for millions of years while many other thick layers form on top of it, so you can bend them all at once? Answer: you can’t. So what do thousands of feet of bent rock layers indicate? Answer: a young earth. (by Dr. Andrew Snelling)

Soft Tissue in Fossils

If dinosaurs died out over 65 million years ago, why do some dinosaur fossils still contain well-preserved soft tissues? Could there be another explanation? Answer: See previous paragraph. (by Dr. David Menton)

Dinosaur Mummy

Tyler Lyson, Associated Press

A Little Skin: A largely intact dinosaur mummy, named Dakota, was found in the Hell Creek Formation of the Western U.S. in 2007. Some soft tissue from the long-necked hadrosaur was quickly preserved as fossil, such as the scales from its forearm shown here.

Faint Sun

Did you know that the sun is getting hotter? Don’t worry; it’s not expected to burn the earth up any time soon. But 3.5 billion years ago, when life is supposed to have begun in the liquid water of the earth’s oceans, the sun would have been so cool that all water on earth would be frozen. What can this mean? We’ll let you answer the question this time. (by Dr. Danny Faulkner)

Articles on these evidences and six more will strengthen your faith and give you tools to defend the biblical worldview and point others to Christ.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Poison Dart Frog

Photo: Marty and Deb Minnard

Did you know that one of the deadliest known animals is less than two inches long and is completely harmless when raised in captivity? Meet the golden dart frog, Phyllobates terribilis and its beautiful, but toxic cousins, in “Drop Dead Gorgeous.” You’ll learn how researchers hope to use these frogs’ deadly poisons for good, while you feast your eyes on their beautiful, bright designs. (by Perry and Stephanie McDorman)

High-Flying Eggs!

Then go from the tropical rainforest to your own backyard in search of the marvelous bird’s nest fungus, which launches its “eggs” into the air with the help of a raindrop. This elegantly engineered little fungus has some other tricks up its sleeve, as well, to help spread its spores and continue the job of breaking down dead wood on the forest floor. (by Dr. Gordon Wilson)

Nature’s Top Gun

The Creator’s engineering genius isn’t confined to the forest—high above flies the fastest animal on the planet. The peregrine falcon can exceed 200 miles per hour in a dive. But the pressures of such speed should cause its lungs to burst. Discover the design feature that allows not only the falcon but also advanced military jets to breathe at high speeds. (by Dr. Don DeYoung)

Is Voting Enough?

What is a Christian’s responsibility before God in choosing national leaders and influencing laws? Should we be actively involved, and how deep should our involvement go? Tony Perkins gives sound principles for determining what role God wants you to play in your nation’s government, from voter to legislator. (by Tony Perkins)

You won’t want to miss a page of this new issue, including Ken Ham’s article on what God was doing before creation, exciting confirmation from the Dead Sea Scrolls that God has preserved His Word in spite of the skeptics, and much more! Learn about the meerkats’ unique desert society, hissing cockroaches, and the solution to evolutionists’ “very tiny mystery” of radiohalos. Kids Answers mini-magazine features a panorama of animals whose beauty is a warning for others to watch out!

Caution! Colorful Animal Crossing

If you want to dig deeper, the online exclusives for this issue include links to in-depth resources for each of the 10 best evidences from science that confirm a young earth, video clips of the Creation Museum’s poison dart frogs, a science experiment with Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and downloadable audio versions of many articles. Simply use the “subscriber only” code to unlock and download these for listening in your car, etc.

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