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Everywhere they look in the biological world, scientists and engineers are finding marvelous designs that inspire new technology.

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Everywhere they look in the biological world, scientists and engineers are finding marvelous designs that inspire new technology. In fact, this purposeful imitation of nature has opened a whole new field of science, called biomimicry. Scientists are now recognizing, more than ever before, the incredible and sustainable design in the world, and they want to dissect and replicate it.

Bug Bot

In the next issue of Answers magazine (January–March 2012), you’ll dive into this growing high-tech field. From bug-like robots to leaf-inspired power to self-healing concrete, this new field has many promising developments.

Unfortunately, biomimicry only goes so far. Despite their brilliance, many secular researchers credit the idea of evolution for these incredible designs and honor the creature rather than the Creator (Romans 1:25). Creationist researchers, however, see a whole new layer of meaning in these developments, adding to the infinite number of reasons to give God glory and praise.

Special Report: New Ideas that Just Don’t Work

Ever since the Garden of Eden, people have sought to reinterpret God’s words to harmonize them with their own ideas. No matter how respected a church leader might be, God’s people must carefully compare his ideas to Scripture (Acts 17:11). One example is professor Bill Dembski, whose new book The End of Christianity attempts to reconcile evolution with Genesis. These two timely articles examine the book’s most radical ideas under the piercing light of Scripture.

Did Meteors Trigger Noah’s Flood?

Impact Crater

Geologists are uncovering mounting evidence of asteroids and meteorites that struck the earth during the past. Are these extraterrestrial missiles somehow related to the initiation of the Flood? Get the answer in this look back at the deluge of Noah’s day.

Ghost Craters—Evidence of a Young Moon?

Sometime in its past, the earth’s moon was pounded with thousands upon thousands of meteors. Is it possible to reconstruct the sequence of these strikes, shedding light on the Bible’s teaching about the moon’s creation? The key may be unusual craters known as ghost craters. This is an article to share with astronomy buffs!

The Man-of-War: Four for One, One for All

Man of War

© Alex Edmonds | Dreamstime

If you’ve ever seen one up close, you’ll understand why a creature known as the Portuguese man-of-war is the terror of the high seas. It’s actually not a single animal but a colony of four animals working together for the good of the whole and the dread of all-comers. It’s incredible design points to God’s masterful work.

My Bionic Ear

Truth or science fiction? If your ear stops working, you can send electrical signals directly to the brain. True! Cochlear implants do just that. Our brains are so marvelously versatile that they can decode electrical “noises” from any source, even a manmade machine. Dr. Georgia Purdom shares her personal story about the world becoming a “noisy place once again.”

Taking God out of the Equation

The beauty and power of mathematical truths have impressed and astounded mankind since they were first discovered. At one point, mathematics was almost revered as supreme truth . . . until a mathematician stumbled upon a proof that pointed even higher. Learn about this powerful truth and witnessing tool.

Nephilim, Posters, and Plenty More

Adam Was a Real Person

But there’s plenty more to keep you reading—and re-reading—this issue. You’ll get a dose of science news, the debate over the Nephilim, waves frozen in time, and more. Your kids will uncover household items that showcase God-inspired design in the 8-page Kids Answers. A special pullout chart completes the issue with an examination of why Adam must be a historical person. For subscribers, the magazine experience moves beyond the page to the web with free downloadable audio versions of some of the articles, two exclusive chapters from an exciting book for preteens and teens, a video on the exquisite design of the ear, and “mind-blowing” experiments with air pressure.

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