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In the summer of 2006, sporting a cover with an image of a tree frog and the promise of an article about two fighting dinosaurs, Answers magazine landed in thousands of mailboxes around the world. Readers discovered engaging articles about science, apologetics, and the Bible—all in one attractive issue.

And that was just the beginning.

First issue

Go back in time to 2006 and read one of the “Best of” selections from the very first issue: Two Fighting Dinosaurs?

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21 Bonus Articles—Best of the First 5 Years!

For five years, each issue has stood uncompromisingly on the truth of Scripture. Whether exploring the Ark and Flood or gazing into space, the articles and design continue to rack up awards and—most importantly—show why we can trust that the Bible is true.

To celebrate our five-year milestone, the newest issue of Answers gives you twice the content. You’ll find the best of what’s new and the best of where we’ve been: an extra 100 pages of articles from our rich archives. Choosing which ones to include wasn’t easy, but the choice for you is. Get this amazing issue for yourself and copies for others who need to read it, and share the best from 2006 to now.

If you need more convincing, here’s what else you can expect.

Special Report: Christian Colleges

Based on a shocking new study, many colleges that claim to be “Christian” are not so orthodox in practice and look to be headed the way of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Let parents and students beware! Find out what’s behind what these colleges really believe—and teach—in this important special section. Get an inside look at the new survey by America’s Research Group.

Not for the faint of heart.

Reaching Muslims

How hard is it to share the gospel with a Muslim? By observing a few basic pointers, any believer can begin effectively sharing the good news of his Creator God with new Muslim neighbors and work associates. Don’t miss part one of this important new series coauthored by a former Muslim.

6-3 cover

Need a sneak peek? These articles are already available online:

Ready-Made Instincts

Did you ever wonder how instincts are passed down from mothers to their offspring? How can such “knowledge”—crucial for life—transfer through the molecules of a single cell? Despite years of research, scientists still wonder the same thing! Examine how amazingly designed humans, animals, and insects really are.

More Soft Tissue in “Old” Fossils

Using cutting-edge technology that maps molecules, researchers are confirming that soft tissue has been preserved in lots of fossils—not just big dinosaurs like T. rex, but also small and large reptiles that lived in water. Find out why these new discoveries undermine the idea of millions of years.

A Plant that Irrigates Itself

Jewish scientists have discovered an amazing species of rhubarb that “irrigates itself” through the advanced irrigation system on its broad leaves. Engineers hope to learn from it new ideas about collecting and conserving water to make Israel’s desert bloom.

Frozen Alive

Linger a few minutes too long in subzero weather, and you’ll “freeze to death.” But our loving Creator gave certain intrepid animals, which are forced to winter in the cold, their own antifreeze. They can literally be “frozen alive” and emerge unharmed.

Experiment: Walking on Eggshells

Eggs aren’t exactly famed for strength. But have you ever considered what the thin egg wall was designed to hold up—the weight of full-grown mother chicken! A simple experiment will help you to see the secret behind the eggshell’s amazing strength. You’ll want to try this one for yourself.

The Fossil Graveyard under the Creation Museum

Many of us go about our daily lives, going to work and back home, without realizing we live atop massive graveyards, often covering hundreds of square miles. Cincinnati—the region where the Creation Museum was built—is just one such locale. Explore these geological wonders with Dr. Andrew Snelling.

Just Scratching the Surface

Big Blue

For the past five years, each issue of Answers has contained plenty of extras, and we keep adding more. Check out our science updates about the newest discoveries and claims, dig into our advice for parents and teens, and surf to our website for great bonus content.

Our special Kids Answers pullout section takes your children (and you) on an adventure to the depths of the ocean. There, they’ll discover the wonderful world of whales—and what spyhopping is.

If you’ve been thinking about subscribing, this is definitely the issue to start! In fact, we’re so excited about this issue that we’ve printed plenty of extra copies. Buy a stack and hand them out, or send a gift subscription to someone who needs to read why the Bible can be trusted.

And, then, get ready for the next five years of Answers.


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