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On the cover is a one-of-a-kind photo of the eruption of Mount St. Helens. We worked with a highly regarded photo retouching specialist who has done similar historical photo research and colorization for Time magazine and others. The blast that shook the USA thirty-five years ago turned uniformitarian geology on its head by showing that “evidence” for millions of years can actually form in just a few days.

Also see how Claudius Caesar inadvertently confirmed Christ’s Resurrection. With this issue, you’ll get biblical responses to important questions about the infallibility of the Bible (Can God’s Word be accurate in spiritual matters but inaccurate in other things?) and solid, Bible-based answers to huge moral questions of our day (Is same-sex attraction sin?).  Plus there is much more! Subscribe to Answers magazine and start reading and sharing life-changing articles and illustrations with your loved ones.

Here’s just a quick sneak peek at a sample of the more than 20 other faith-building articles in the new edition of Answers.

Christ’s Resurrection—Four Accounts, One Reality

by Tim Chaffey


illustration by Joe Cavazos

Be ready for Easter! The day of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection was confusing and exciting, as people raced all over the city, eagerly telling others the good news. Hoping to prove Scripture wrong, skeptics point to alleged contradictions between the Bible’s records of how the events unfolded. Are the four Gospels riddled with errors?

Even Caesar Confirmed the Resurrection

by Henry B. Smith Jr.

There are so many testaments to Christ’s Resurrection that there is no excuse for doubting it. However, one especially surprising confirmation comes from the Roman government. After Christ’s Resurrection, Caesar issued a decree for people to stop stealing bodies from Judah’s sepulchers in Judah. Discover how Caesar unwittingly confirmed Christ’s Resurrection.

Retinal Blood Vessels—Hiding in Plain Sight

by David Menton

Your eyes are made of living cells, which must be nourished by blood vessels. But with all this blood covering your eyes, how can you see? Learn about God’s incredible design of “the seeing eye” (Proverbs 20:12).

Mystery of the First Animals

by Neal Doran

Speaking of incredible design, some amazing and weird things show up in the lowest fossil layers. What is the first animal at the bottom of the fossil record? Most people think it’s at the Cambrian level, among the trilobites. Not so. Dig a little deeper as you learn more about Flood geology and the animals that have researchers stumped.

Argema mittrei

Adres Morya

Giant Silk Moths—Butterflies’ Unsung Rivals

by John Wahl

From weird to beautiful, God presents us with all sorts of delightful animals. Butterflies get a lot of attention, flitting from flower to flower in the bright summer sun. But do you know this captivating secret of the dark forest? At night, another marvel of vibrant color flutters out, unseen and unappreciated.

Cover Article
Lasting Lessons from Mount St. Helens

by Andrew A. Snelling, Joe Francis, and Tom Hennigan

When this rumbling volcano blew its top, a lot of pet theories for evolutionary geologists went up in smoke. This information-packed article shows God’s majesty in diverse ways. The eruption of Mount St. Helens thirty-five years ago provided a unique and massive opportunity for scientists to study the effects of catastrophe. The lessons are even more significant now than ever before!

Argema mittrei

photo Carmen R. Andrews

Mars—The Other Blue Planet?

by Ronald G. Samec

Did you know that even Mars gives us lessons in catastrophe that help us understand processes on Earth? Looking at the bitter-cold desert on Mars today, flowing water seems laughable. Yet evidence is growing that the planet was once wet . . . and this possibility fits quite nicely in the creation model.

Needed Today: Hezekiah Reformers

by Ken Ham

Christians seem to be abandoning their role as salt and light in today’s society. The next time you’re tempted to despair at the hopelessness faced by modern believers, consider Hezekiah. He faced similar challenges—and powerfully overcame them. You can be a Hezekiah reformer in today’s church!

Transgender Identity

illustration by Jon Taylor

Transgender Identity—Wishing Away God’s Design

by Owen Strachan

One area where our society desperately needs the witness of faithful believers is morality. The Bible is clear. Genesis 1:27 says God made them “male and female.” We can’t wish away this fundamental physical reality—and that’s a good thing.

And this is just a sampling! Read about the origin of diamonds—they’re not as durable as you might think—and God’s unique design for yaks to live comfortably in frigid, high-altitude conditions (and for human beings to do the same). We guarantee that you and your family will be encouraged and strengthened by what you’ll find in this issue. And don’t forget, each issue comes with a pull-out mini-magazine just for kids. In this issue, kids discover cool facts about volcanoes. Subscribers also receive a colorful, detachable poster and access to online subscriber exclusives, including many video clips, and audio articles that make remembering all this information truly easy as you drive or exercise.

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