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Destination Saipan!

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Answers in Genesis is excited to announce a new missions opportunity, called Answers International Medical Outreach.

International Medical Outreach

In addition to his speaking duties for AiG, Dr. Tommy Mitchell—along with his medical doctor wife, Elizabeth (left)—is also a medical missionary. Here they are ministering in Jamaica.

Answers in Genesis has always been serious about missions outreach overseas. In the past two and a half years, that effort accelerated with more international ministry initiatives with the launch of a new department, International Outreach, started by Dr. David Crandall. Dr. Crandall continues to seek new areas where we may be of service to those in other lands.

As many of you may recall, last October an AiG team went to Saipan (an island off the coast of China), where AiG was able to minister at Eucon University and trained many underground Chinese pastors visiting the island. During that training, six of AiG President Ken Ham’s presentations were videotaped live and translated into Chinese for distribution throughout Asia. These DVDs—which are now being shipped to Asia—will encourage countless Chinese-speaking people to trust the Bible. A previous trip to Mexico and recording sessions there are already bearing fruit in the hands of missionaries in Spanish-speaking countries through the DVDs of Ken’s Creation Mini-Series. Future overseas recordings will take place in India and Japan.

A New Effort

Answers in Genesis is excited to announce a new missions opportunity, called Answers International Medical Outreach. This mission effort resulted from several conversations Ken had with people in Saipan. Medical care, even the most basic, is largely unavailable for many residents of the island (including the pastors and their families) due to financial constraints. AiG now has the privilege to minister to the spiritual needs of many people in Saipan. On our next visit, we would like to minister to the physical needs of the island’s residents by sending medical assistance, in addition to continuing to spread the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, our Creator and Savior.

In His timing, I will be one of those doctors. I practiced medicine for over 20 years before joining the AiG speaking staff in late 2006. My wife, Elizabeth (a retired obstetrician), and I will be traveling to Saipan for two weeks in September. There will also be the privilege of preaching and teaching at various locations on the island.

Ministering to physical needs will be a priority during this trip. Medical care and examinations will be provided for the pastors who are in training at the university. In addition, we will hold several medical clinics for the residents of the Saipan, hoping to provide care to adults and children from all parts of the island. At these clinics, many of the AiG witnessing booklets will be distributed (most people on the island speak English). We pray that during this outreach, we will have many opportunities to share the gospel with those who come.

We are excited about this new medical arm to our mission outreach, and we hope it is the first of many similar efforts. Please pray for wisdom, resources, and windows of opportunity as we work to make this first Answers International Medical Outreach a reality.

It is our goal to raise $8,000 by July 31 in order to be able to purchase antibiotics and other supplies in time to prepare and ship them to Saipan ahead of our mission team.

Please assist us specifically in this new missions effort by calling 1-800-350-3232 in the USA or donating online (where we ask you to please indicate in the comments section of this page that your donation is to support Answers International Medical Outreach). Thank you for helping us sow seeds for God’s kingdom.


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