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We’ve all been frustrated at times by the fluff that’s marketed under the guise of Sunday school curriculum, and wish we had better resources. We know from numerous studies that most material fails to equip our young people adequately: close to 70 percent of those who attend church regularly as children will quit as adults. They begin questioning whether the Bible is true in grade school, don’t get reasonable answers, and leave by the time they reach their early twenties.1

A new curriculum designed to reverse this trend is coming this summer. It has lessons specifically aimed at the seven main age groups in the church—from pre-school through adult—supporting the authority and truthfulness of God’s Word, equipping everyone to be “prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15).

Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) from Answers in Genesis is a three-year Sunday school program that covers the entire Bible in chronological order, with all ages covering the same topics at the same time—at their own age level. It is much easier to understand and more exciting because of the chronological approach.

Every age group is given biblical answers to relevant questions on a contemporary topic. For example, the 5th–6th grade lesson on the Tower of Babel asks and answers the question, “Why do people have different skin colors?” Students are told about the pigment in our skin called melanin, which determines how light or dark we are, and that Adam and Eve were most likely a middle-brown color.

Undergirding every lesson of ABC is the belief that we can trust all of God’s Word, beginning in Genesis, and that the Bible presents true history. In the adult lesson “God Calls Moses,” students learn that the daughter of Pharaoh who found Moses in the basket was very likely Sobeknefru, the only child of Pharaoh Amenemhet. Since Amenemhet had no son for an heir, it would make sense to accept this child into his family.

If you have been frustrated by shallow materials that give only surface “stories” and moral lessons, then you will be excited about Answers Bible Curriculum. Class members at every age level read their Bibles in class. They are also taught how to study the Bible by asking questions of the passage to understand the main idea, and then they learn how to apply it.

Parents will love that each age level studies the same topic each week (in an age-appropriate way). A separate family devotional book encourages intergenerational sharing and assists parents in discipling their family at home.

Teachers (including homeschool families who use ABC for their Bible curriculum) will appreciate the helpful background material, detailed lesson content, handy supply checklists, a resource DVD-ROM with ready-to-print handouts, and thorough online resources with numerous articles and downloadable videos.

Answers Bible Curriculum presents God’s Word for every generation, thoroughly equipping believers to defend the truth of the Bible.

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  1. Ken Ham et al., Already Gone (Green Forest, Arkansas: Master Books), 2009.


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