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Each year the motorized rafts we take down the Colorado River and through the magnificent Grand Canyon get filled up—not with water, but with people! Every year, scores of Answers in Genesis supporters are treated to a spectacle that was formed as a result of Noah’s Flood!

“It was exciting yet safe, filled with meaningful, warm Christian fellowship. The days and nights of beauty are indescribable. I can’t imagine anyone finishing this trip not feeling it was one of the best investments ever made.

It was a wonderful blend of delighting in God’s nature and His people. The teaching and guides were professional, experienced, reliable, fun, and accommodating. The food was excellent, and I can’t remember a week where I laughed as often. Go for it.”

—Larry H., Phoenix, AZ

We will host three tours in 2010, but two sold out two months ago. We still have some slots available, though, for the April 23 – May 1 trip. On it, you’ll be able to quiz Dr. Andrew Snelling, one of the finest creation geologists in the world and the director of research for Answers in Genesis, as well as Carl Kerby, a passionate apologetics speaker and veteran raft leader who will lead some wonderful devotional times along the shore of the Colorado River and under some magnificent vistas.

Tom Vail, who gained notoriety when his book Grand Canyon: A Different View was almost banned from Grand Canyon bookstores because of its creationist views, will once again be a raft tour leader.

During the nine days, rafters will travel 180 miles through the Grand Canyon, with more time than on any other trip we have offered to explore the geology of the canyon. Dr. Snelling explains that “many geological evidences will be explored and explained, with ample time for questions and discussion—as well as for exploration of many side canyons that are spectacularly beautiful and lots of fun.”

Many people report that this vacation is a highlight of their lives. You’ll see why as you experience the grandeur of the Grand Canyon (plus some excellent “white water” rafting thrills) and as staff-led devotionals connect the Bible’s account of Noah’s Flood to what surrounds you! If you can’t go, consider making this an extra-special Christmas or birthday gift for a loved one.

Contact us right away before all the seats are gone for April’s amazing journey.


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