Children’s Artwork Shows Eternal Impact of Ark Encounter

A painting by an 8-year-old is more valuable than one hanging in an art museum because it points to a greater reality.

by Ken Ham on November 27, 2021
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Why is this painting more valuable than a Picasso?

Well, first of all, consider the painting:

Painting of the Ark Encounter

Now please read the letter that came with it from an eight-year-old:

Letter from Adyn

Dear Ken Ham, My name is Adyn and I am 8 years old.

I live in Michigan and I love going to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum.

My favorite exhibit in the Creation Museum is creation and corruption. My favorite part of the Ark Encounter was the second floor. I also love eating at Emzara’s. What are your favorite exhibits? I enjoy reading your books and watching your shows on Answers TV. I am praying for Bill Nye that he will become a Christian soon.

I have three ideas for the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. My first idea is that you should sell a kids model or Lego set of the Ark for kids to play with. My second idea is to have a model or Lego set of the Creation Museum. I think kids would love to buy these models in your store. My last idea is to make a board game of the Ark Encounter. It could be a race to see which bus can get from the parking lot to the Ark first. I love going to the Ark Encounter so much that I ask my parents every day when we can go back. Thank you for your ministry that helps kids like me grow in faith and knowledge of the Bible. I hope I get to meet you someday.

From, Adyn

Now can you see why I said the painting this eight-year-old drew was more valuable than a Picasso? What is more valuable than the life of a child? After all, every human being conceived in a mother’s womb is someone who will live forever either with God or without God.

Now can you see why I said the painting this eight-year-old drew was more valuable than a Picasso? What is more valuable than the life of a child?

I love to hear testimonies from children and young people who have been impacted by the Ark Encounter, Creation Museum, and the Answers in Genesis ministry. That’s what our ministry is all about—impacting lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. And as I’ve discussed before, we have seen a catastrophic generational loss of millennials and Generation Z from the church.

For the last two months I’ve been sharing with you our planned expansions and upgrades for the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter so we can reach more people and provide more biblical worldview training to help parents equip their children and raise up godly generations.

So, this month I thought I would let children and young people write most of my monthly letter to you. We receive testimony letters almost daily from such kids and young people, and many times they include artwork (which I keep in a special file—maybe to be displayed one day in a children’s creation museum). I wanted you to experience a little of what we experience regularly by including some of these letters and artwork so you can be encouraged. What a thrill to know that, despite all that’s happening in the culture, God is raising up a remnant to stand for him. And what a privilege for us to be part of impacting that remnant.

Be encouraged and praise the Lord:

Letter from Olivia

Dear Answers in Genesis,
Our family has been deeply impacted and inspired by your commitment. Thank you for all you do.
Olivia & Family

Letter from Michal

I love the Ark. When I grow up I want to be a scientist there. I like the books you write, Mr. Ken Ham. I have How Many Animals Were on the Ark? and Dinosaurs for Kids. I hope the money works.
Love, Michal the Ark Lover

Letter from Kate

Dear Ken Ham,
Thank you for all your online videos. They are amazing! I am very grateful for all your hard work. May God bless you and the Answers in Genesis team. My wish is to go to the Ark and meet you someday.
Kind regards, Kate, age 8

Drawing from Peyton
Letter from Josiah

Dear Mr. Ham,
How are you? I am well. I have just recently watched some of your debate with Bill Nye. I think you had some really good points on secularists hijacking words. How did you feel when you were about to debate? I really like creation apologetics. It is so cool because you learn so much about God’s wonderful creation. I always learn something I did not know one hour ago. We are currently working through the Answers in Genesis science book: God’s Design, Heaven & Earth. It has amazing content and I like it a lot. Keep up the great work you are doing.
God bless, Josiah

Drawing of Ken Ham

An email from a parent stated:

My family is still reaping benefits from our July trip to the museum and Ark. With that in mind, I’d like to share a message with Mr. Ham hoping you can pass it along to him. My 9th-grade grandson, Joshua . . . had an art project to complete and he chose the Ark. He had to draw freehand using pencils for every detail. I thought Mr. Ham and you would enjoy the following photos:
  • Letter from a Parent
  • Letter from a Parent

And how we love to read comments like this one left on a Creation Museum Facebook post:

Facebook Post

The above are just a few examples of encouragement the Lord sends to us. As you can see, your investment in this ministry has eternal, priceless value—yes, infinitely more valuable than a Picasso.

As you can see, your investment in this ministry has eternal, priceless value—yes, infinitely more valuable than a Picasso.

I pray this will encourage you to financially and prayerfully support our 2021 fundraising challenge with our biggest match in the history of this ministry for the exciting expansions and upgrades to impact more guests at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum (Eden Teaching Center, Welcome Center, Legacy Hall upgrade, Jerusalem model for the Ark).

Remember, the $17 million end-of-year fundraising challenge has an $8.5 million match from a foundation. This means every dollar you give will be matched dollar for dollar up to $8.5 million, doubling the impact of your gift. Check out the website and the banner at the top to see how this challenge is progressing.

Thank you for helping us provide the attractions and resources to help us impact the coming generations. Countless parents have thanked us for what this has meant to them as they disciple their children: He commanded our fathers to teach to their children, that the next generation might know them, the children yet unborn, and arise and tell them to their children, so that they should set their hope in God and not forget the works of God. (Psalm 78:5–7)


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