Tilt Shift Named Best Christian Talk Show

International Christian Visual Media Association Honors the Answers in Genesis’ Streaming Program with its Gold Crown Award

on February 26, 2024

Editor’s note: This article was adapted from a news release that was recently distributed to the media.

The Gold Crown Award for Best Christian Talk Show was given to Tilt Shift at the International Christian Visual Media (ICVM) Association awards ceremony held Wednesday evening in Nashville. The Tilt Shift talk show is exclusively shown on the streaming platform Answers TV, an outreach of Answers in Genesis (AiG).

Dr. Tim Chaffey and Bryan Osborne

Dr. Tim Chaffey and Bryan Osborne are the engaging hosts of Tilt Shift.

Hosted by amiable apologetics speakers Dr. Tim Chaffey and Bryan Osborne of AiG, Tilt Shift examines movies from a Christian worldview perspective. However, it’s not a typical movie review program. Instead, ideas presented in current films are examined from a biblical perspective. The goal is that viewers of Tilt Shift will see their thinking tilted to align with the Bible. Watch an excerpt below.

In addition, Answers TV’s children’s program Kashtan’s Wildlife in the Zoo was nominated by the ICVM for Best Series. Also, Lily’s Lab was nominated for Best Children’s Series.

The ICVM ceremony was held last week during the annual convention of the National Religious Broadcasters at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville.

Ken Ham, founder of AiG and Answers TV, declared:

Since launching Answers TV during the height of COVID in 2020, we have been feverishly committed to producing as much family friendly, Bible-affirming content as we can.

This major award is a testament to our creative, hardworking Answers TV team, led by the trio of Ben Wilt, Ryan Vogel, and Bryan Eckardt.

Brian Eckardt

Bryan Eckardt, director of Answers TV, picked up the Gold Crown award last week in Nashville for Best Christian Talk Show, Tilt Shift.

The list of all ICVM winners can be found here: https://www.icvm.com/.

A subscription to the streaming platform of Answers TV costs $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year. Several thousand Answers in Genesis videos, live streams, and exclusive content can be viewed on any device. Answers TV offers a free 7-day trial. More information on Answers TV can be found at www.Answers.tv.

AiG is an apologetics (i.e., Christianity-defending) ministry dedicated to enabling Christians to defend their faith. It is the ministry behind the world’s leading Christian themed attractions, the Ark Encounter with a life-size (510-foot-long) Noah’s Ark and the high-tech Creation Museum, both located in Northern Kentucky and visited by millions.


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