How Can We Partner with Answers in Genesis on the Ark Encounter Project?

by Ken Ham on December 27, 2010
Featured in Letter from Ken

As we have had so many adults and young people visit, we asked ourselves: “How can we make an even greater impact? Is there something else God would be leading us to do?”

You are probably aware of the incredible impact the Creation Museum has had on the 1.2 million guests who have visited since AiG opened it in 2007. Think of it: hundreds of thousands of Christians have become encouraged in their faith and hundreds of thousands of non-Christians have been challenged to accept biblical history.

As we have had so many adults and young people visit, we asked ourselves: “How can we make an even greater impact? Is there something else God would be leading us to do?”

Well, we are “launching” a new project: a full-scale Ark, according to the biblical dimensions and out of wood.

In a press conference December 1 that was led by Kentucky Gov. Steven Beshear, and in an announcement in our monthly newsletter, AiG declared that the same talented team that designed and built the Creation Museum will be constructing a full-scale Ark.

Noah’s Ark and the Flood are an integral part of Judeo-Christian biblical history, and elements of the biblical account are still found in the history of many cultures worldwide. Recent TV programs, articles, and books show there is still a phenomenal interest in the Ark.

Last year, CBS News reported that “Noah’s Ark continues to capture the imagination of the general public, and this interest spans all social, religious, and economic segments. The Ark and the Flood is one of the few historical events which are well known in the worldwide global circle.”

But how many people would actually come to a full-scale reconstruction of the Ark?

For the answer, Answers in Genesis engaged America’s Research Group (ARG), a highly reputable market research firm that had accurately forecast the first-year attendance for our Creation Museum (400,000). We asked ARG to conduct a nationwide survey of the general population (regardless of their religious views) to determine the market feasibility of building an Ark—i.e., how many people would actually travel here and tour our Ark?

The results of the survey were astounding. Here is one of the key findings:

If a replica of the Ark was constructed in America, would you take your family to see it?

  • 63% - Yes
  • 22% - No
  • 15% - Don’t know

63% of the US population: 194 million

ARG estimated that around 1,600,000 guests would annually visit the Ark. (By the way, an outside consultant estimates that attendance at the Creation Museum could increase by about 67% as a result of the influx of people visiting the nearby Ark when it opens.)

After seeing that 1.6 million figure, we quickly realized that the Ark project would need to be much bigger than previously envisioned. To properly handle the expected crowds, we would need a large complex of associated exhibits, theaters, amenities, event venues, restaurants, ample parking, etc. We then decided on a name for this sprawling complex: Ark Encounter.

We see a full-scale, wooden Ark as a significant project that would show events from the Old Testament to millions of Americans.

And you can partner with us in this amazing outreach by sponsoring a peg, plank, or beam that will be used to build the Ark. Special exclusive benefits come with each tax-deductible sponsorship gift, including a unique certificate that comes printed with your name—plus the serial number of the peg, plank, or beam you sponsor!

You’ll also want to consider sponsoring a piece of the Ark for your family and friends! It’s a great way to give those who are close to you a reminder about the history of the Ark.

Here is a link with more information about the benefits of sponsoring a peg, plank, or beam. You can also learn more about the project and sponsorships by visiting our new website of (where you can even look up the location of your sponsored Ark piece).

Will you please join us today with a sponsorship donation to help build this exciting $24.5 million Ark (and its Bible-affirming exhibits inside)? And please keep Answers in Genesis in your prayers as we step out in faith in these challenging times.

Thank you for your prayers and generous support.

Also, be sure to visit the website regularly to learn all the details about the Ark project, and also watch the progress of this exciting endeavor. Be a part of history! Hop on board by sponsoring a peg, plank, or beam today!


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