Faked News

by Mark Looy on May 24, 2019

By now you may have read some fake headlines or watched TV coverage about the Ark Encounter today that reported something similar to this headline on the Washington Post’s website (based on an Associated Press item): “Lawsuit: Flood damage at Noah’s Ark attraction in Kentucky.”

There has NOT been a flood at our Ark Encounter themed attraction.

Now, there has NOT been a flood at our Ark Encounter themed attraction. Just some off-and-on rain that occurred over a two-year period (two years ago) caused a hillside to gradually erode—but no flood! That’s all. And the ship was not affected.

Here is what we’re sharing with the media, if they even bother to contact us (which has been rare today) to ask if there really was a “flood” at the Ark Encounter:

“Contrary to some reporting, the damage to certain areas of the Ark Encounter themed attraction was not caused by a ‘flood.’ Further, the damage began occurring approximately two years ago and thus this is not a new development. The damaged areas have already been remediated.

“The Ark itself does not sit next to the damaged areas. The Ark was built on bedrock and was never in jeopardy.

“We are highly confident of the merits of our case as we seek a fair resolution with the insurance companies.”

So now you know the REAL account!


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