Creation Pioneer to Join Us for Historic Ark Encounter Event


May 1, 2014, will be a memorable day for the modern creation movement. The Creation Museum is hosting a very special occasion for the Ark Encounter, which we are calling the Hammer and Peg Ceremony.

Dr. John Whitcomb

Dr. John Whitcomb

A very special guest, Dr. John Whitcomb, will be joining Ken Ham for this event. Over 50 years ago, Dr. Whitcomb coauthored The Genesis Flood with Dr. Henry Morris, sparking the modern creation movement.

A humble servant and Old Testament theologian, Dr. Whitcomb has been a great friend of the Answers in Genesis ministry from its inception over 20 years ago. He has authored numerous books related to Genesis 1–11, including The Early Earth and The World That Perished. Not only is he a pioneer among creationists, but Dr. Whitcomb faithfully taught God’s Word at Grace Theological Seminary for several decades.

We are thrilled that Dr. Whitcomb will be on hand for the Hammer and Peg Ceremony, which will kick-start the construction of the Ark Encounter with a full-size Ark as the centerpiece. The Genesis Flood has had a tremendous influence around the world, and we pray that God will use the Ark Encounter to expand the impact this vital message more than ever. Lord willing, the Ark Encounter will stand as a monument to biblical authority, reminding people of God’s judgment on sin as well as His great mercy.

So what is the Hammer and Peg Ceremony? This unique event will feature a special address by Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham, along with a conversation with Dr. Whitcomb. It will culminate with ministry leaders and local officials hammering large wooden pegs into long, wide beams that will eventually be displayed as a special exhibit near the entrance of the Ark Encounter.

The Hammer and Peg Ceremony will be live-streamed, meaning that you can watch the event beginning at 11 AM (ET) at Even if you are unable to watch it live, the video will be available online following the event.

You won’t want to miss out on the historic event. The Hammer and Peg Ceremony celebrates the launch of the Ark Encounter. Join us online at 11 AM, May 1, to experience this momentous occasion.


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