Pride—the First Sin

Pride—Worth Celebrating?

by Ken Ham on June 6, 2023

Part 2


This is Ken Ham, and our popular 510-foot-long Noah’s Ark is located south of Cincinnati.


This week we’re talking about “Pride Month,” a secular celebration of rebellion against God’s design.

Our culture today treats pride like a good thing—but pride is a sin. In fact, it was the first sin.

In the Garden, Eve believed God was selfishly withholding what she wanted, so she took the fruit and ate, and then offered it to Adam, who also ate. At the heart of their rebellion was pride in their own thinking and lust after what they wanted. This sin broke creation and brought death and the curse into God’s “very good” creation.

Pride is still a huge temptation for all of us. And it always leads to more sin and brokenness.

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