Jesus—Was He Really God?

State of Theology 2022

by Ken Ham on May 24, 2023

Part 8


This is Ken Ham, author of the book on millions of years and church compromise, Six Days.


Last year the State of Theology survey found that seventy percent of supposed “Evangelicals” in the US believe that “Jesus is the first and greatest being created by God.” Nearly forty percent see Jesus as “a great teacher, but not God.”

Now that’s a heresy, one long condemned by the church! Jesus is the eternal God—the Creator of the universe, the God of Abraham, and the I AM who met with Moses. No, Jesus wasn’t created!

And Jesus wasn’t just a great teacher, either. He claimed to be God and then he proved he was—and is God, by dying and rising from the dead!

If you want to know who Jesus really is, don’t listen to our culture.

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